Managerial Economics For Dummies

Managerial Economics for Dummies book cover

The following is an excerpt from Managerial Economics for Dummies. Published under license from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Successful businesses satisfy consumer desires. Knowing how consumers decide which desires to satisfy and which to leave unsatisfied is an important component in your managerial decision-making. Consumer theory describes how customers determine the purchases they make. […]

Mobile Research Overcomes Fading Affect Bias

Mobile research at Dunkin' Donuts

At the annual one-day conference of the New England chapter of the Marketing Research Association Wednesday, Amit Ghosh of the Forbes Consulting Group discussed the need for “in the moment” mobile market research. A key imperative driving mobile research is Fading Affect Bias, Amit said. “Time heals all wounds, and that’s a problem. The Fading […]

[VIDEO] Kiss Your Comment Cards Goodbye

Kiss Your Comment Cards Goodbye

Have you ever been at a restaurant or hotel and received a comment card? If you’re like most researchers and data-oriented marketers, you probably didn’t just blindly fill it out. You probably looked at it through the eyes of a professional. We tend to be hard on our own, and rightly so. When I get […]

Who Needs to Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

There are virtually unlimited possibilities for conducting – and taking – customer satisfaction surveys, now that surveys and mobile, hence completely untethered. I thoroughly enjoyed Antoine Déroche’s post on about customer satisfaction surveys in Singapore. He shared an example of a well-placed survey – above the toilets in Singapore’s Changi airport, with the simple admonition: […]

How to Ensure a Great Customer Experience: Keep it Simple

Flowers on Table - OpenTable

In my previous post, I sang the praises of OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation service that I believe has helped both diner and restaurant by establishing such an easily managed relationship between the two. I’m still praising OpenTable, but this time around, I’d also like to offer the company a gentle admonition: Stick to what […]

Feedback: Tragedy, Farce, Sunlight

Feedback Graphic

Episode 7 of RomiCast with Romi Mahajan is “The Feedback Episode.” We have two outstanding guests, Rob Hoehn, President of IdeaScale and Erik Koto, President of QuestionPro. Rob’s and Erik’s companies live at different points in the feedback chain. Romi, Erik and Rob dig deep on the definition and nature of feedback. They talk about […]

No Reservations about OpenTable


As many readers of this blog know, I’m always on the lookout for the great customer experience. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much looking; I’ll simply realize one day that some establishment or service has hit on the right customer service formula to turn me into a loyalist. Recently, it occurred to me that I absolutely […]

The End of the Comment Card Era

Burn Your Comment Cards Contest

With market research being our bread and butter here at Research Access, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to perfect our practice. On the flip side, we’re also on the lookout for what NOT to do, and in today’s case, that happens to be the practice of using comment cards — you […]

Customer Collaboration and Customer Centricity


Last week, IdeaScale hosted an open webinar on the subject of customer collaboration. The speakers included senior solutions expert Tatjana Walter of SAP and Rob Hoehn, CEO and co-founder of IdeaScale. The discussion ranged across a number of topics and themes common to most network intelligence and product research discussions but everything was brought to […]

Satisfied Customers are Like Runaway Brides

Runaway Bride

In the movie Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts plays a spirited and attractive young woman who’s afraid of being married. She’s left a trail of boyfriends whom she says she loves. Indeed, she’s left three men waiting for her in church on their wedding day (all of which are caught on tape), receiving tabloid fame and […]