Crowdsourcing Innovation from an Employee Online Community

crowd around flaming stage

In the fall of 2012, BAYADA Chief Operating Officer Linda Siessel challenged the organization to find a solution for identifying and gathering the innovative thinking that was taking place in the 260 BAYADA service offices around the country. BAYADA Home Health Care is a trusted leader in home health care—providing home health care services to […]

How Samsung Outflanked Apple Using Social Media Research

Apple iPhone Dueling Samsung Galaxy

An excellent case study demonstrating the value of social media research has emerged from an unlikely source: the Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute. Documents shared as part of the court case reveal some fascinating information about how the two companies were thinking about social data in 2013. It shouldn’t still bear saying in 2014, but […]

The Goal is Behavior Change, Not Insights

behavior change

At the IIEX conference in Atlanta last week, Alex Batchelor of Brainjuicer introduced himself as a “recovering Insightsaholic,” someone who loved insights for their own sake. But insights aren’t enough. Market research needs to “find out how [consumers] decide and what affects that decision making,” Alex said. And decisions are influenced by environment (“sense, choose, […]

Profiling with Surveys and Mobile Behavioral Data

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Clutter is a fact of life in the advertising world. This is as true for mobile ads as it is for print, television and radio. How to cut through the clutter and reach potential buyers is one of those questions that all marketers seek to answer. Maria Domoslawska, VP of Global Strategy for Research Now, […]

What Apple Got Wrong with Its Question about the 5c

iPhone 5c in jean pocket

The most popular research tweet on the Twitter #MRX hashtag in the past fortnight was Tom Ewing’s tweet of this screencap: Cor, I can see why Apple don’t make a big thing about their market research – pages of grids, stone age stuff. #mrx — To Mewing! (@tomewing) May 1, 2014 Some folks on […]

Memories of Customer Experiences Trump the Actual Experiences

memories and numbers

Bruce Temkin of the Temkin Group presented a keynote at the Clarabridge annual user conference in Miami discussing a wide range of customer experience management issues. A key point he made was “What we experience does not equal what we remember. And our loyalty is based on what we remember. In fact, customer experience does […]

Crowdsourcing Throughout the Research Process

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While crowdsourcing has been used in market research for years now, it is often compartmentalized as an input method – an open way of gathering ideas from customers, prospects, and employees. In fact, crowdsourcing can – and often should – be used throughout the research process, as case studies from AllOurIdeas, InSites Consulting, AOL, and […]

Marketing VPs vs. Aliens: Gamification Phones Home


We’re counting down our Top 10 blog posts of 2013. Coming in at #7 is this presentation recap originally published June 27. At the ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions conference in Boston this week, Olga Churkina of Fresh Intelligence Research and Tristan Morris of PepsiCo shared a fascinating mobile ethnography case study which featured a game […]

10 Tips for Mobile Diary Studies

mobile diary studies

Earlier this month, Chris Neal of Chadwick Martin Bailey shared with members of the New England chapter of the Marketing Research Association tips for running mobile diary studies, based on lessons learned from a recent project. For the Council of Research Excellence, CMB studied mobile video usage to understand: How much time is spent on […]

Mobile Research Overcomes Fading Affect Bias

Mobile research at Dunkin' Donuts

At the annual one-day conference of the New England chapter of the Marketing Research Association Wednesday, Amit Ghosh of the Forbes Consulting Group discussed the need for “in the moment” mobile market research. A key imperative driving mobile research is Fading Affect Bias, Amit said. “Time heals all wounds, and that’s a problem. The Fading […]