An Excerpt from Stir It Up! Recipes for Robust Insights and Red Hot Ideas

Stir It Up book cover

The following is an excerpt from Stir It Up! Recipes for Robust Insights and Red Hot Ideas by Laurie Tema-Lyn. Published under license from Paramount Books. Idea Developers Remember the song, “Turn, Turn, Turn (to Everything There Is a Season),” adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes and put to music by Pete Seeger in 1959? It became a […]

Growing the Market Research Function Using Behavioral Economics

Left and right part of human brain - © longquattro

At the Marketing Research Association’s recent Corporate Researchers Conference, Stephen Paton (@StephenGPaton) of AGL, an Australian power company, shared his experiences with Behavioral Economics (BE). For Stephen, BE is critical to differentiating the research he provides from commodity survey research. BE helps him provide value to his company, show his internal clients how to influence […]

4 Reasons to Urgently Embrace Mobile Market Research

In the Moment book cover

Having talked to five research experts utilizing mobile in different ways, understood their perspectives on the pros and cons, I have come away with a clear sense that mobile really does offer MR something different. We need to take it seriously. Coming off the fence: yes, we should at least have a sense of urgency […]

Advantages of Neuroscience Market Research

Market researchers have known for decades what new technology has been demonstrating relatively recently: that human beings are not fully aware of all the influences at work on them and that they often misreport what they have witnessed. Many biases including social pressure and convention may alter a respondent’s reactions and provide incentives for respondents […]

How To Use Humor To Increase Survey Response Rates

The Survey Playbook cover

Why are surveys so humorless?  Are we doing something so vital and critically important that we have to ask questions in such serious tones?  We’re not performing surgery here; we are having a conversation with our customers via a survey (although I am sure even surgeons tell jokes to one another over the operating table).  […]

From Dead Salmon to the Dot-com Bubble

Salmon head close up isolated on white

What’s the difference between a dead salmon and a scientist? Apparently not much, if you’re scanning their brains. Craig Bennett, a post doctorate student in cognitive neuroscience at the University of California, Santa Barbara, simply wanted to conduct test runs on an fMRI brain scanner in 2009 to confirm some settings and calibrate the machine. […]

The Role of Fast Failure in Driving Innovation

Innovate or Die book cover

Thomas Edison is famous for the quote “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Jack Matson, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Engineering at Penn State, takes this a step further, coining the phrase “Intelligent Fast Failure.” I recently read excerpts from his book called Innovate or Die: A Personal Perspective […]

Different Country, Different Story

Language: 10% of Culture

By Tom De Ruyck and Niels Schillewaert In the second chapter of our book The Consumer Consulting Board, we outlined our approach for establishing, managing and analyzing the output of research communities. The fundamentals of this approach work on a global scale. But, just like the brands we are working for, we need to localize […]

Social Media Dystopia: The Circle Is The Next Must-Read MRX Book

The Circle book cover

Way back in 1947, John Campbell, Jr., the editor of Astounding Science Fiction, articulated a central premise of the genre he was shaping: “To be science fiction, not fantasy, an honest effort at prophetic extrapolation from the known must be made.” Dave Eggers – best known for his memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius […]

Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise: Why Many Predictions Fail – but Some Don’t”

The Signal and the Noise book cover

Nate Silver has achieved near rock star status in the world of polling analysts and among the broader public, in no small part due to his popular “Five Thirty Eight” blog (now at ESPN). It has been pointed out how he picked up many followers during the tumultuous 2012 election campaign by his reassurance that […]