Surveys a Century From Now

TARDIS in the time vortex

Each day we’re counting down our Top 12 blog posts of 2014. Coming in at #10 is this essay originally published August 29. In a post entitled “No more surveys in 16 years?” Ray Poynter writes: Back in March 2010, I caused quite a stir with a prediction, at the UK’s MRS Conference, when I [...]

General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond

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Each day we’re counting down our Top 12 blog posts of 2014. Coming in at #11 is this presentation recap originally published September 19. Are you still staring at 10 people behind some glass in a focus group facility, or asking people in a traditional online survey to recall the products they considered, their behavioral [...]

The N in Text Analytics: Text Mining with Different Sample Sizes

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Each day we’re counting down our Top 12 blog posts of 2014. Coming in at #12 is this interview originally published April 17. I recently had the opportunity to interview Tom H. C. Anderson, the founder of Anderson Analytics, about his ongoing application of text analytics to market research. Q: What’s the process for optimally [...]

The ROCX (Return on Customer Experience)


There are a lot of ways to explain “Customer Experience.” You can use analogies, comparisons, and elevator pitch ,… you get the idea. Regardless of your approach, the best way to draw attention is to “show me the money.” (Yes, that is a Jerry Maguire reference. I couldn’t resist.) When you talk to business leaders about [...]

The Future of UX, as Seen by an Educator Who Trains Future UXers


What is the future of UX (User Experience)? Where better to look for the answer than in the classroom, where the next generation of UX professionals are being trained. We talked to East Carolina University’s Guiseppe Getto, a longtime UX professor, researcher, and consultant, about teaching UX and looking into the field’s future in the [...]

Marketing Spending to Increase 5.2% in 2015, Say CMOs

Budget concept - Pie chart on a stock chart with a budget

Laura McLellan and Andrew Frank, both of Gartner, took time on December 10 to share results from their Chief Marketing Officer study, focusing on marketing spending trends for 2014 and 2015. Dare I say that most of us work for a CMO directly (or indirectly through client relationships), so this is relevant for market researchers. [...]

Asking Questions When You Should Know the Answers

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One of the best ways to have respondents (e.g., customers, students, employees, members or others whose feedback you need) ignore and delete your surveys is asking questions for which you should already know the answers.  Here are excerpts from a survey a friend received some months ago (with her approximate thoughts noted):    “Dear Alumna/Alumnus:”… Gee, that’s [...]

Triple-S Provides a Survey Interchange Standard

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Stephen Jenkins, a founding member of the Triple-S Group and, in his day job, managing director of Snap Surveys. He brought me up to date on the Triple-S Group’s work. Q: What is the Triple-S standard? A: The goal of the Triple-S standard is to define a [...]

E-tabs Graphique Review: Autopopulate Charts with Updated Data


This is a three-part series of reviews of MR tools you should be using but might not know about. Third and final is E-tabs Graphique, a PowerPoint extension that allows quick and easy chart creation. Challenge: Have you ever been stuck manually entering numbers into PPT graphs? At some point, we’ve all been there.  And [...]

Marketing to Lapsed Customers to Prompt Repeat Business

Marketing lapsed customers

Though brand switchers are often the target of sales, I find that the biggest boost can come from brand loyals. What are ways to bring back customers whose interest has waned? As part of a project with a medical supplies company, I took aim at just that group. At the time of the study, the [...]