Using Prediction Markets for Concept Testing

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On September 18, the crew from BrainJuicer presented insights into shortening the process of creating and launching successful new products. In any given year, hundreds of thousands of new ideas are tested. Some win and make it to the show, but most never leave the minor leagues. Presenter Alex Batchelor started off with a reminder [...]

Too Much Data Is Not the Problem

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Enough already. I’m tired of presenters complaining that we show too much data in presentations, and I’m tired of research users saying there are too much data in reports. Data is massively important. Without data, we would not be able to draw any conclusions. Without data, we would not understand consumers. Without data, researchers would not [...]

General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond

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  Are you still staring at 10 people behind some glass in a focus group facility, or asking people in a traditional online survey to recall the products they considered, their behavioral intention, and what they actually did? Ryan Backer, Global Insights for Emerging Tech at General Mills, reminds us of the obvious this week [...]

Satisfaction Is Transactional, Commitment Is Relational

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What Is Commitment? It is critical to understand that loyalty and commitment are two different constructs: Loyalty is behavioral (i.e., What you buy) Commitment is emotional (i.e., How you feel about what you buy) From a marketing perspective, loyalty can be bought while commitment cannot. A person can be behaviorally loyal to your brand, using [...]

Optimizing PPC Campaigns by Better Understanding Connotation and Motivation

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On September 10, the crew from Marketing Experiments asked a very pertinent question: How can we change our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to improve their impact? In classic Marketing Experiments fashion, the speakers presented multiple ads with slight variations in the traditional A/B test format. Below is an example of some of the ads they tested: [...]

A Gentle Introduction to Concept Development

Marketing Concepts That Win book cover

The following is an excerpt from Marketing Concepts That Win! Save Time, Money and Work by Crafting Concepts Right the First Time by Martha Guidry. Published under license from the author. Behind every successful product or service lies a powerful concept. It is really that simple. Product and service offerings that win in the marketplace [...]

NPS Requires Much Larger Sample Sizes Than Alternatives

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At Market Strategies, we receive all sorts of questions about Net Promoter Score (NPS): Where did it come from? What are its major pros and cons? Is it the Holy Grail of marketing research or not? I answered many of these three years ago in an article for the AMA’s Marketing Research Magazine. This post addresses the surprising [...]

Understanding TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)

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On Tuesday, August 26, Survey Analytics asked the question “What is TURF Analysis?” Although it has nothing to do with football, it has numerous uses in media as well as product and services research. TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) got its start in the early days of media planning, where planners sought to maximize [...]

Forget the Seat at the Table and Come off the Bench

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As I get ready to attend the Corporate Researchers Conference next week, I’m bracing myself for the inevitable lament from researchers that they don’t have “a seat at the table”—a place of influence with senior executives. They feel they aren’t getting the respect they deserve. It’s something I’ve been hearing for much of my 25+ [...]

You Are Not Steve Jobs

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There was an interesting post recently on LinkedIn by Gregory Ciotti about Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Listen to His Customers. I’ve heard the Jobs quote that bashes focus groups a million times… and the Henry Ford quote about faster horses that again rejects the notion of soliciting feedback to inform new ideas. I get it. However, the [...]