Monthly Mosts: CRC Recaps, Boring Surveys & Too Much Data


Most Read Here are our most-read Research Access articles in September, including all 4 recaps of presentations from the MRA’s Corporate Researchers Conference: Surveys a Century From Now Boring Charts Are Often the Most Informative After Its Initial Success, Agile Research Spread Throughout the Company [CRC] General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond by [...]

The Importance of the Voice of the Competitor (VOTC)

businesswoman with binocular in front office building - © Igor Mojzes - Fotalia

Why do so many organizations fail to listen to the voice of the competitor? Hubris. And while hubris is not new, whether we are talking about Roman Emperors or Business Leaders in the 21st century, it is clear that Hubris is still an organization killer. But what can inoculate us from the disease? I believe [...]

Growing the Market Research Function Using Behavioral Economics

Left and right part of human brain - © longquattro

At the Marketing Research Association’s recent Corporate Researchers Conference, Stephen Paton (@StephenGPaton) of AGL, an Australian power company, shared his experiences with Behavioral Economics (BE). For Stephen, BE is critical to differentiating the research he provides from commodity survey research. BE helps him provide value to his company, show his internal clients how to influence [...]

From Market Researcher to Customer Experience Leader

Pink piggy bank with eyes and and bandaged crack - © Duncan Noakes -

Neal Kreitman, vice president of market research for OneMain Financial, shared a case study last week at the Marketing Research Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference about the steps he took once OneMain’s customer satisfaction tracker reported a drop in the percent of customers who were very or extremely satisfied. The first success story was the existence [...]

After Its Initial Success, Agile Research Spread Throughout the Company iPad app screenshot

Rachelle Petusky of Cox Automotive and Colleen Harris of MarketVision Research shared their experiences with agile market research at the Marketing Research Association’s Corporate Researcher Conference in Chicago this week. When AutoTrader’s development team said that they needed continuous research to inform their agile software development process, the Cox consumer insights team wasn’t initially sure how [...]

Using Prediction Markets for Concept Testing

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On September 18, the crew from BrainJuicer presented insights into shortening the process of creating and launching successful new products. In any given year, hundreds of thousands of new ideas are tested. Some win and make it to the show, but most never leave the minor leagues. Presenter Alex Batchelor started off with a reminder [...]

Too Much Data Is Not the Problem

Human profile, data elements in background - © agsandrew -

Enough already. I’m tired of presenters complaining that we show too much data in presentations, and I’m tired of research users saying there are too much data in reports. Data is massively important. Without data, we would not be able to draw any conclusions. Without data, we would not understand consumers. Without data, researchers would not [...]

General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond

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  Are you still staring at 10 people behind some glass in a focus group facility, or asking people in a traditional online survey to recall the products they considered, their behavioral intention, and what they actually did? Ryan Backer, Global Insights for Emerging Tech at General Mills, reminds us of the obvious this week [...]

Satisfaction Is Transactional, Commitment Is Relational

Caring man cupping a red heart in his hands with one hand held protectively over the top in a love, romance and nurturing concept.

What Is Commitment? It is critical to understand that loyalty and commitment are two different constructs: Loyalty is behavioral (i.e., What you buy) Commitment is emotional (i.e., How you feel about what you buy) From a marketing perspective, loyalty can be bought while commitment cannot. A person can be behaviorally loyal to your brand, using [...]

Optimizing PPC Campaigns by Better Understanding Connotation and Motivation

Two laboratory test glass containers with blue liquid test samples

On September 10, the crew from Marketing Experiments asked a very pertinent question: How can we change our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to improve their impact? In classic Marketing Experiments fashion, the speakers presented multiple ads with slight variations in the traditional A/B test format. Below is an example of some of the ads they tested: [...]