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Vivek Bhaskaran is the President and CEO of Survey Analytics.

Innovation From Across the Organization

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I recently had the chance to interview Patrick Younge about his perspective and experiences with innovation in the media industry. Q: Pat, thank you very much for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, especially within the context of your history with media and the role [...]

Evolving a Solution for Employee Pulse Surveys


I wanted to share some of the insights I’ve gathered as I have been researching employee pulse surveys, and also some real-world evidence from the companies and teams that have adopted FlashLet. Three factors have a large influence on employee engagement: Purpose – Why am I here? How do I fit into the company’s objectives? [...]

Ambient Insights – What Facebook Has Done to Communication, and What We Can Learn From It


Editor’s Note: Thanks to the folks at QuestionPro for sharing this post, which originally appeared on the QuestionPro blog. The Facebook IPO is fresh in everyone’s mind – what with the tech media frenzy surrounding it or the saga surrounding its pricing. And now, Facebook is the 4th company ever to have an IPO over [...]

Gamification – A new entrant….


Today, in about 30 mins BadgeFarm will be conducting a webinar to introduce BadgeFarm. I am really excited to oversee the launch of BadgeFarm – which has been under the wraps for quite a while. If you are interested in Gamification and how is pertains to engagement, marketing and our everyday lives – you should [...]

Liquor Privatization Initiative Accurately Pegged by Pre-Election Online Survey


Survey Analytics is pleased to report that our recent poll of King County, Washington voters called the outcome of the State of Washington’s liquor privatization initiative with a high degree of precision. Our political poll marks an exciting and innovative, new approach whereby public opinion researchers, public affairs firms, political consultants and political campaigns themselves [...]

QR Code-Enabled Mobile Surveys: An Example


                      [Editor's Note:  this post was originally published on the Survey Analytics Blog.] My friend Scott Liang from Parametric keeps telling me – the quicker you collect feedback from the Point-of-Transaction, the better the recall and quality is. While I have absolutely no way of [...]

Are iPads and Tablets redefining enterprise productivity?

I want to share two anecdotal stories around how I came to understand that tablets, driven by the iPad, are not just consumer devices that let my 3 year old play Angry Birds, but rather are finding their way into the enterprise and the small business eco-system. Montessori School My 3 year old daughter goes [...]

How We Applied Gamification to Building a Business


Feedback begets accomplishment. Feedback is one of the core principles of gaming, and by natural extension engagement. My close friend, client and business associate, Romi Mahajan has written quite a bit on rethinking gaming and how it applies to our lives – gaming for marketing, research and even management. I believe one of the fundamental reasons why gaming is [...]

The DIY Debate: Why Self-Service is the Future, and Market Research Can’t Hide

There is a lot of debate over the future of market research as it pertains to agencies. I spoke about it with Sanja Licina of CareerBuilder  in the AMA conferences last year and have been in a couple of panels – AMA Atlanta MR SIG along with Phillip Garland from SurveyMonkey. Let me lay out my [...]