Are Bonuses Skewing Your CSAT Scores?

man buying black folder with document changing hands

Last summer my husband and I bought a car. After we’d spent many, many hours dealing with financing and signing papers, the salesperson handed us the keys and asked if we would please be kind enough to respond to a customer satisfaction survey we would soon be getting in the mail. Oh, and he informed us […]

Wearable Market Research: Emerging Trend or Geeky Fad?

wearable technology

Google Glass, a Samsung watch, FitBit, those Disney MagicBands. Wearable technology is no longer science fiction, especially if the market grows at predicted: from $750 million in 2012 to $5.8 billion in 2018. It wasn’t too long ago that researchers pondered over how mobile would change the industry, and wearables are the next iteration of mobile. […] – The Imperfection of Data

538 in a sea of numbers

The relaunched – founded by former New York Times’ data-phile Nate Silver and recently bought by ESPN – was met with a deluge of critical reviews in March. The criticism generally fell into three categories: Those who argued that ideology-free reporting and data neutrality are a farce. Those who argued that the data and […]