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Steven Salta is co-founder and CEO of Ascentium, a digital media and interactive marketing agency. Steven has overall responsibility for the agency's revenue, profitability, customer loyalty, and corporate culture.

How to Ensure a Great Customer Experience: Keep it Simple

Flowers on Table - OpenTable

In my previous post, I sang the praises of OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation service that I believe has helped both diner and restaurant by establishing such an easily managed relationship between the two. I’m still praising OpenTable, but this time around, I’d also like to offer the company a gentle admonition: Stick to what […]

No Reservations about OpenTable


As many readers of this blog know, I’m always on the lookout for the great customer experience. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much looking; I’ll simply realize one day that some establishment or service has hit on the right customer service formula to turn me into a loyalist. Recently, it occurred to me that I absolutely […]

Turning NPS Detractors into Promoters


If you’ve been following my blog recently, you know I’ve been exploring Net Promoter Score, a system of measuring customer loyalty developed by Fred Reichheld and described in his 2006 book “The Ultimate Question.” You also know I think it’s an invaluable tool for improving your business and building client loyalty. In this post, I’d […]

Lessons from (Net) Promoters


In recent posts I’ve discussed Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter Score, as laid out in his 2006 book “The Ultimate Question.” As a digital agency founder, I’m still gaining unexpected insights from the NPS methodology, so I won’t be departing from the subject any time soon. In my previous post, I discussed lessons learned primarily from […]

What Net Promoter Taught Me About Our Company


In my previous post, I discussed the principles behind Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter Score, a system of measuring client loyalty by asking a customer, on a scale of 0-10, how likely they’d be to recommend your company to a friend or colleague, and what the main reason is for their answer. My company, Ascentium, began […]

Seeking the “Why?” of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

If you want to stay in business, you have to turn your customers into fans. A good product, hard work, and earnest customer service all make for a good start, but it’s just a start. To build customer loyalty, you must be able to accurately measure each customer’s experience, then build on what you’ve done […]

Can Costco Avoid Cloud Cover?

Costco Amazon 150

I’ve always been one of Costco’s biggest fans. It’s my favorite store. I love their low prices, their no-questions-asked return policy, and the high quality of their merchandise. I sometimes drop into Costco with nothing in mind. It’s a great store for treasure hunting, and Costco consistently surprises me by featuring new and interesting merchandise […]

Perfection Versus Correction

Hotel Bell 150

A Tale of Two Hotels What is the most important component for building customer loyalty? I don’t purport to hold the answer, and I can recite at least a score of pleasant-sounding theories that are popular in marketing circles. But on a recent vacation in Japan, I was confronted with a powerful example of something […]

Who says the future needs an advertising agency? We do.

The term “agency of the future” is used so much that it’s become meaningless. Pick up any copy of Ad Age. You’ll read about the demise of the traditional agency and the emergence of. . . well, take your pick. With so many different visions of the future floating about, you have to wonder if […]