Determining Price: The van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter


Determining the best price for a product or service is a common marketing research question.  I usually start my conversation with a client asking whether their product has all of its features set or if they also need to test a range of features other than price.  If they are testing variable features in addition […]

Highlights from the Sawtooth Software Conference 2010 – Day 4

Day 4 is a half-day, but it had some very serious papers and great discussion – the marketing science community is alive and well here! Modeling Demand Using Simple Methods: Joint Discrete/Continuous Modeling (Tom Eagle, Eagle Analytics of California) Discussed 4 approaches volumetric modeling (find out not only “what”, but “how many” of something respondents […]

Highlights from the Sawtooth Software Conference 2010 – Day 3

For the morning sessions, the main conference was joined by the attendees of the conjoint analysis in healthcare conference that is running here in parallel. The Value of Conjoint Analysis in Healthcare for the Individual Patient (Liana Fraenkel, Yale University of Medicine, VA Connecticut Healthcare System) Looked at conjoint as a way to elicit patient […]

Highlights from the Sawtooth Software Conference 2010 – Day 2

The sun came out in Newport Beach on Wednesday, but with 10 presentations there was no time to play. Here are some highlights on each of the talks. What Drives Me? Developing a Conjoint-Based Recommendation Engine for Individual Vehicle Consideration (Ely Dahan, UCLA, Claremont, Princeton) Individual-level conjoint engages the respondent in an adaptive, engaging exercise […]

Some Highlights from the Sawtooth Software Conference 2010 – Day 1

[Editor’s Note: Research Access contributor Nico Peruzzi is on-site at the Sawtooth Software conference this week, and sends us this dispatch.] The weather is pretty grey in Newport Beach, CA, but that’s good because we can focus on the talks.  Day 1 is workshop day, and here are some highlights of the two that I […]

Reverse Segmentation – The Promised Land for Target Marketers?

This information is useful for people who are tired of segmentation projects that give only unique attitudinal/behavioral segment descriptions or unique demographic/targeting profiles, but not both. In my last blog post, I gave a general overview of customer segmentation, and I left off with a teaser about reverse segmentation.  Well, here goes. A Common Criticism […]

Customer Segmentation – An Overview


This information is useful for people who are interested in matching the best messages or products possible to those customers or prospects most likely to buy them. Why Segmentation? If you make a product, have a service, market or sell, customer segmentation is important to you. The days of one-size-fits-all approaches are long over, and […]

Two Common Times NOT to Use Conjoint

This information is useful for people who want to understand a couple times when it is not appropriate to use conjoint analysis. Conjoint analysis is a gold standard technique for measuring feature preference, particularly in relationship to price.  I’m particularly fond of Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (but that’s a topic for another post).  There’s a lot […]

Online Survey Sample Is Not Clean Enough – Clean it Yourself

This information is useful for people who use panel sample for online surveys, and who want to make sure their survey data is truly clean. Online Survey Panels Tell Us Their Panelists Are Clean It’s hard to open a marketing magazine without seeing an ad from an online survey panel company proclaiming how clean and […]