The Positive Effect of Negativity: The Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad

"America Is Beautiful" Coca-Cola ad

One could argue that any PR is good PR, however we don’t think we were the only ones thinking that Coca-Cola did NOT see it coming on February 3rd – the day after the Super Bowl. We kept thinking that the brand is damaged, that sales would be affected negatively, and that some heads would […]

Consumer Insights Managers, Social Media Listening Is For You, Too!

world with headphones

A few months ago, I was presenting at an MRS conference. At the end of my presentation, a consumer insights manager from a blue-chip multinational came up to me and said: “My CEO has asked me if we can use social media listening for insights; what is your opinion, could we?” To which I responded […]

Can Customer Advocacy Be Systematized?

Advocacy definition

Advocacy can be defined in many ways: to recommend, to provide references, to be an ambassador for a brand.  Plainly put advocacy is: people talking nicely about an organisation and recommending what the organisation has to offer to other people. There are numerous studies which tell us that we trust real people (this is true […]