About Mike Pritchard

Mike Pritchard is Principal at 5 Circles Research. Mike’s site, www.5circles.com, contains articles on research techniques including analysis and survey tips.

Survey Tip: Pay Attention to the Details


Why survey creators need to pay more attention to the details of wording, question types and other matters that not only affect results but also how customers view the company. A recent survey from Sage Software had quite a few issues, and gives me the opportunity to share some pointers. The survey was for follow […]

Poor question design means questionable results: A tale of a confusing scale

I saw the oddest question in a survey the other day. The question itself wasn’t that odd, but the options for responses were very strange to me. * 1 – Not at all Satisfied * 2 – Not at all Satisfied * 3 – Not at all Satisfied * 4 – Not at all Satisfied […]

Statistical testing. It’s a good thing

A recent article in the Seattle Times covering a poll by Elway Research gives me an opportunity to discuss statistical testing. The description of the methodology indicates, as I’d expect, that the poll was conducted properly to achieve a representative sample: About the poll: Telephone interviews were conducted by live, professional interviewers with 405 voters […]

Market research for startups

So, you’ve come up with a cool idea, but how do you test the market for your new product or service? First, you need to figure out what is essential and what might be helpful. Before we get into the detailed recommendations, do you need research? Some entrepreneurs discount the idea of market research for […]