My First In-Home Ethnography

house with toys outside

Come On In, Stranger! Ever wonder what type of person allows market researchers into their home to observe and study them? Well, surprise to me, they’re normal people!  I was convinced only “whack-a-dos” would open up their doors to us.  In short, I was proven wrong.  With each new research methodology I am exposed to, […]

What To Expect From A Focus Group

Bernett focus group room

We asked some of our favorite bloggers to provide us a “lost gem” – a great article that deserved wider response than it received the first time it was published. We wrap up our series with this piece by Lisa Steckert, which was originally published here on May 3.   If you were to ask […]

How and When to Use NPD Data for Your Research

point of sale information

We’re counting down our Top 10 blog posts of 2013. Coming in at #2 is this piece originally published February 26. As a syndicated research analyst I get exposed to many different resources that could be used to supplement primary market research. One of the data sources I use on a regular basis is offered […]