[INFOGRAPHIC] Know the 4 Types of Survey Error

Survey Error

Here is an infographic illustrating the 4 generally accepted types of survey error: sampling, coverage, measurement and non-response. Enjoy the infographic, and feel free to share it with attribution. View a larger version here: http://researcha.cc/4typesofsurveyerror

Which Trend Had the Biggest Impact on Market Research in 2012?


Now that Christmas is over and we’re heading toward the new year, I thought it would be interesting to take stock of the trends we saw in 2012. Which of the following trends in 2012 do you feel had the greatest impact on market research? Big Data Declining Response Rates Gamification Passive Data Collection Proliferation […]

Know Where You Stand: Conduct Your Own Retail Audit

barcode sticker

I never thought I’d be excited by something involving the word “audit.” We all know that a tax audit is a legendarily painful experience. The word “audit” conjures up the idea of tedium, and auditors have the image of being, well, boring people. However, if you are involved in the world of retail, the decision to […]

Shopping by Amazon on a Snowy Evening

Shopping by Amazon on a Snowy Evening

Whose store this is I think I know His outlet’s in the strip mall, though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his store fill up with schmoes. My friend Siri must think it weird To stop without some wifi near Between the stores and interstate The darkest evening of the year. She […]

How a Government Agency Uses Research to Understand Public Priorities – Part Two

Washington State Capitol Building

In my last post, I told the story of how the Washington State Transportation Commission used an online panel of Washington State Ferries riders to collect feedback from citizens and report the results to the state legislature. “The light bulb went off for all of us,” Griffith added, “ Since then, we’ve continued to grow […]

How a Government Agency Uses Research to Understand Public Priorities – Part One

Washington State Ferries

Government agencies that want to use technology to listen to their citizens would do well to follow the model of the Washington State Transportation Commission. Like all government agencies, WSTC has a lot of responsibilities. One of those is to do the mundane tasks required of any transportation agency, including setting toll rates and ferry […]

My Data Visualization Wish List

My Data Visualization Wish List

This is the time of year when many children make their holiday wish lists. Now that I’m a grown-up, my wish lists look a bit different. For instance, I have a data visualization wish list. You see, I’m both a market researcher and a marketer. So I like data, and I like shiny objects. Hence I […]

How to Research Pricing Using the Van Westendorp Method [VIDEO]

How to Research Pricing Using the Van Westendorp Method

On December 13th I conducted a fun webinar on market research for pricing. The video and slides for the webinar are below. In this video you will learn how to research pricing using the Van Westendorp method, a simple and common but powerful technique for determining price. It was a very good, well-attended session. There […]

How to Choose Market Research Conferences

How to Choose Among Market Research Conferences

Market Research Conferences are Proliferating It used to be there were just a few major market research conferences every year. The decision about which ones to attend was pretty easy. Not anymore. Market research conferences have proliferated in a big way. Why? In a word – money. The conference business is big business. Well run, […]

Social Business Software QuePort Pushes Social Graph Data

Social Business Software

In September we published an interview with Michael Hack, CEO of QuePort, a company innovating in social business software. QuePort allows social information to find you rather than the other way around. I recently had the opportunity to check in with Hack to see how QuePort is progressing. He was quite enthusiastic about the conversations […]