The Problem with Neuromarketing….

The Brain

There are several problems really. The first is the name. It should really be called applied cognitive neuroscience (ACN), because that is what it is. Hopefully this would counter all the specious arguments about it being scientific. The New Scientist ( test raised some comments about the science of ACN. I have to disclose in […]

CrowdSolving – Beyond CrowdSourcing?

I’m not very convinced of the “wisdom of crowds.” There are numerous examples of how “the wisdom of crowds” is in fact the “idiocy of the mob.” Look at some political movements or some of the more extreme religions, for instance: a good few of these make no sense, but they have a lot of […]

Reward the chain: Incentives for surveys in social media…

So here’s the thing. All those nice shiny, familiar email addresses we use to send survey notifications are decaying, they are losing value by the moment. I’ve had an email address since 1984, and very little in my life dates back from then  (well except me that is). A couple of weeks ago my primary […]

Watch Words

Watching what people do is a powerful technique. Watch long enough and you may start to see some patterns emerge that are of significance. Google has provided us with a great tool to study what search terms people use. If you go to you can type in any combination of words and get a […]