About Andrew Jeavons

With over 25 years in the market research industry, Andrew is a frequent writer and speaker for various publications and events around the world. He has a background in psychology, statistics and software development. Andrew is President of Survey Analytics.

Integrated App Feedback Critical for Developers

app feedback

Just five years ago, Apple launched the “app craze” and announced apps as the future of brand-to-consumer communications. Today there are over a million apps in the marketplace, and it is a $26 billion industry. Despite all their success, apps have an even richer future ahead of them. Only 7% of businesses worldwide have mobile […]

Why Recall Must Die: Capturing the Point of Emotion


Living in the Past Market research relies heavily on human memory. Attempting to measure recall about what respondents thought or felt about a product or service is a standard approach for market researchers. Surveys often consist of long lists of memory tests. So many surveys contain phrases like, “Thinking about the last time you used […]

Meet the Data Triplets: Data, Metadata and Paradata


There are three sorts of data, and very often you need all three to understand and use the data you collect from your survey. Here are the three sorts: 1. The Data. The data is the data, that is the actually numbers, codes or open ended text that the respondent enters into the survey. There […]

If you want to get ahead…

I was in a sales meeting a couple of days ago. We were telling a prospect about our new smartphone interviewing app, SurveySwipe. We were talking about apps and how they are used. There were several “old guys” i.e. over 40 and a couple of younger people (under 40) in the meeting.  For the record […]

SurveySwipe Helps Kick Off MarketMix 2011

One of the most exciting marketing conference in the Pacific Northwest kicks off today: Market Mix 2011. This event brings together some of the most well-known and dynamic marketing practitioners in the country. The range of subjects covered is impressive, from mobile marketing strategies, partnership building and leveraging social media, to career development skills for marketing […]

Let’s Save Smartphone Surveys: 10-7-140

Surveys have a great new platform: smartphones! We have access (we can get to people pretty much anytime) and identification (we can be pretty sure who is taking the survey).  It’s all for us to screw up. Is the survey industry going to do what it always does? As Betty Adamou pointed out in her […]

Will Smartphones Save the Survey ?

At Survey Analytics, we’ve been a bit smart phone focused recently, due primarily to our recent State of the Union dial test study. As I was testing the SurveySwipe software on which our study was based, it started me thinking about the whole idea of surveys on smartphones. One thing that is clear is that […]

Joining Survey Analytics

I just wanted to let you know that I have joined Survey Analytics (surveyanalytics.com) as Executive Vice President as of today. I’m very excited to be joining such a dynamic company which is one of the market leaders in accessible in online survey and analytical tools. Survey Analytics clients include McGraw Hill, Experian, Roku, Career […]

The Twitter Fire Hose

Have you ever heard of the Twitter “fire hose” or the “sprinkler” ? If you have, you have probably been doing software development work on connecting to Twitter. The “fire hose” and the “sprinkler” are just two of the terms Twitter use to describe the type of connections you can make to Twitter with an […]

Seems statistics in MR don’t matter…..

If you are going to do statistics, make sure you do them correctly…it matters…