Spam a lot

In the funny Monty Python skit, a chorus of Vikings drowns out other sounds by singing “SPAM, SPAM, SPAM”, glorifying the omnipresent American canned meat icon. SPAM’s Internet namesake is not funny at all, as it literally drowns legitimate e-mails in an outpour of junk messages. The pesky e-mail spam, which on the insistence of […]

Undercurrents of Google Wave

People like simple, radical and universal resolutions. As American journalist H. L. Mencken discerned almost a century ago, there is always an easy solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong. Google positioned its ambitious and far reaching new product juggernaut, Google Wave, as what email would look like if it were invented […]

Taking a cue from cavemen

Nobody knows for sure why cavemen drew their mysterious images on the stone walls. Yet, their fascinating drawings give us a glimpse into their life, even without knowing their language, ensuring endless buzzing among the hundreds of PhDs interpreting them. Quite possibly, the reports our industry generates by the truckloads will also be more beneficial […]