ScrumTotal: An App with a Purpose

Rugby player kicking the ballDespite the proliferation of collaboration and “productivity” technologies and methodologies, the perfect easy-to-implement app for small, goal-oriented teams is still elusive.  That’s why I’m so excited about agile-expert Ashok Singh’s new company ScrumTotal.

Singh is a true believer and that comes out strongly when he discusses the new firm and the recently approved app.    “With proper goal orientation and a large enough vision, small teams, even dispersed small teams, can pull off seeming miracles,” he opines.  “That’s why I built this company- I want to help companies and organization achieve outlandish goals!.”  Singh’s confidence, borne of experience, is infectious and powerful.

For many, the words “scrum” and “agile” have become cliché, overused to the point of meaninglessness.  Singh wants to reclaim the elegance of these methodologies and combine them with the power of an application.  He sees geographically dispersed, powerfully focused teams as the new model for productivity and innovation, using  the inherent possibilities of mobility and the Cloud.

The ScrumTotal app is intuitive and powerful.  “I want people to use it, that is the greatest pleasure an entrepreneur can have,” says Singh who is more passionate about changing the way companies and teams operate than about become an overnight multimillionaire.

My own take on this is consonant with Singh’s-  Small teams equipped with intuitive tools can do wonders if shorn of baggage and if empowered to become agile.  In some ways “agility” finds teams, teams don’t find agility.  Every organization can benefit from this agility and finally reconcile lofty rhetoric and goal setting with execution.

To me, ScrumTotal is therefore truly an app with a purpose.

Romi Mahajan is a marketer, author, and investor and advises a variety of companies, including promising technology startups.

About Romi Mahajan

Romi Mahajan is a globally-renowned marketer, IT and strategy thinker, and author.

His career is a storied one, including spending 9 years at Microsoft, being the first CMO of Ascentium, a leading digital agency, and founding the KKM Group, a boutique advisory firm focused on strategy and marketing. Romi has also authored two books on marketing: most recently, "To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing".

A prolific writer and speaker, Mahajan lives in Bellevue, WA, with his wife and two kids.


  1. Agile in its pure form is about emergence of purposeful action by the team as a whole while the individuals still free agents. A smart, simple, and focused app — ScrumTotal — is an intelligent way to make it happen!

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