Market Research in the Age of Content Marketing

Pile of Various newspapers over white background.Positioning your company as a thought leader is an art form.   By publishing research studies, you build your brand’s credibility.  Prior to the Internet, the primary vehicle to voice your research findings was via newspapers.

With a proliferation of media channels available today, it is pertinent to make sure your data gets its full mileage.

  1. Map all places your research can be utilized.  This can include press releases, blogs, social media post, infographics, online videos, SEO, sales collateral, email marketing, and guerilla efforts.
  2. Use a reputable research company that has experience with helping turn research into a content marketing initiative.
  3. Before the questionnaire is fielded, start developing potential headlines for the report. These headlines are based on the questionnaire, and are used to help guide the story.  Keep SEO on top of your mind, what do you want search engines to say about you.
  4. Don’t skimp on the appropriate design.   Working with a graphic designer can ensure that your content matches your brand’s look and feel.  Designers can help with the PowerPoint template as well as provide images, charts, and infographics.
  5. Storytelling is an art form; it is key to keep your audience excited.  Create more than one story from your survey results.  This way you can pitch more than one story to the press.
  6. Provide research exclusives.  Develop relationships with the press and bloggers even before the story comes out.   Deliver the publications with the research in a timely manner; many publications don’t take data that is older than 3 months.
  7. After your press exclusives, distribute the research on a PR wire for additional coverage.  Create a calendar to distribute the content on various media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slideshare.

Carly Fink is the principal of Provoke Insights. With nearly 15 years of experience, she has worked extensively in marketing strategy, competitive analysis, innovative and traditional research, serving large and small clients across a variety of industries.   She is a recognized authority on advertising strategies and market research across multiple channels (brand, digital, CRM, and social media).


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