GAEMS, E3, and the Future of Design Thinking

Orange sunset in low clouds over railroadI’ve written about GAEMS in the pages of Research Access just recently and was very happy to get some excited feedback from people who know the company.  The feedback consisted largely around how the founders of the company, Dean Mercier and John Smith, imagine their company and the space they play in.

Prima facie, the company is in the games portability business- they design, build, and sell a leading case for gaming consoles, replete with a powerful monitor.  They managed to create elegance from what was a fairly brutish need.   In reality, however, Mercier and Smith imagine themselves on a long train ride—a design thinking train ride—in which the first stop is gaming and the next stop could be anything from audio to productivity hardware to a variety of other applications that are in the need of real design thinking.

I’m thrilled not only to work with them but to have been invited to E3 to see them in action.  To some, the expo is all about gaming; to others, like me, it’s about the application of invention to a particular space (gaming) that has the ability to extend itself to myriad other areas.

That is the real beauty of design thinking- its flexibility, portability, and applicability to a wide array of endeavors.  This is brought to new heights in the world of gaming, where the combination of aesthetics and performance is incredibly acute.   The wisdom that I hope to discover at E3 this year is what other areas can learn from gaming.

And in the process, I’d love to capture the power of re-imaging, just as the crew at GAEMS has done with their products and, frankly, their business as a whole.

I hope to see you at E3.

Romi Mahajan is a marketer, author, and investor and advises a variety of companies, including promising technology startups.

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Romi Mahajan is a globally-renowned marketer, IT and strategy thinker, and author.

His career is a storied one, including spending 9 years at Microsoft, being the first CMO of Ascentium, a leading digital agency, and founding the KKM Group, a boutique advisory firm focused on strategy and marketing. Romi has also authored two books on marketing: most recently, "To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing".

A prolific writer and speaker, Mahajan lives in Bellevue, WA, with his wife and two kids.

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