Dispatches from E3 – The GAEMS Effect

The last two weeks hanging out with the GAEMS team has been amazing.  First of all, kudos to them and their partners Moses and Advaiya for launching an amazing website.  And that too just in time for E3, where I was earlier today.  Though I’ve admired GAEMS for a long time, this is the first time I’ve seen them in action and therefore the first time I’ve seen what I have to dub “the GAEMS Effect.”

Put simply, people are floored at the product and are drawn to it like moths to a flame.  On display today were not only the Vanguard product line and the M155 monitors but a new, amazing, 24” monitor pictured below (the box has a great pic of the monitor.)

The GAEMS effect at work, several people gaped at the new product and I suddenly had a revelation.  Being a non-gamer, I couldn’t find religion on the gaming use of the product (though others do) but I realized immediately that this monitor, while great for gaming, is also great for a ton of other industries. Anyone who cares about high-design meeting high-functionality and cares for the physical aesthetic of her home or work environments needs this monitor.

Am I serious? Yup.  Or maybe it’s just the GAEMS Effect at work!


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