You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Marketing Boat!

bigger-boatMost companies are perennially searching for new leads and lament both the dearth and the low quality of the ones they get.  Yet every now and then, there’s a company that has too many leads and struggles with keeping up with the flow of demand.  Clearly, the right place is somewhere in between, with a healthy tension prevailing between “wanting more” and delighting current customers.

To get to that good place, companies have to think deeply about their core audiences, both as defined by current customers but also as defined by prospective or “adjacent” customers.  Once they get a good sense of who they are targeting, they can device a marketing program that’s optimized for the channels that best reach those audiences.

In this regard, social sources like Twitter provide a very interesting and real opportunity for companies who are searching to sensibly grow their universe of leads while not adding excessive noise to the system.  A veritable “firehose” of possibility, Twitter, when winnowed and wielded correctly, can provide a powerful source of credible, nuanced, and rich leads to a business.   While Twitter should not be the only source of lead-generation (remember, go where your audience is, and you can bet they are in more than one place!), it should be an integral part of any lead-gen portfolio.

For this reason, Socedo should be a core part of your lead-gen strategy.

Socedo helps you distill and refine Twitter to get warm leads for your business.  Through a powerful toolset coupled with the intelligence companies provide with regard to their desired prospects, Socedo works to deliver a qualified set of leads on daily basis that meet the desired criteria.   Through algorithmic intervention, Socedo helps you refine your parameters in order to optimize your targeting.  What’s best is that all of this is done via an easy-to-use interface that requires a short time to understand and operate.

The combination of value and ease got me excited about Socedo in the first place.  As a Board Member and equity holder, I am certainly passionate about the possibilities, but would submit that each business has to check it out for itself, to determine how powerful it could be for lead-generation.

When social sources are tapped correctly, real leads can flow like water.  And when they do, you are going to need a bigger Marketing boat!

Check out Socedo!

Romi Mahajan is a marketer, author, and investor and advises a variety of companies, including promising technology startups.

About Romi Mahajan

Romi Mahajan is a globally-renowned marketer, IT and strategy thinker, and author.

His career is a storied one, including spending 9 years at Microsoft, being the first CMO of Ascentium, a leading digital agency, and founding the KKM Group, a boutique advisory firm focused on strategy and marketing. Romi has also authored two books on marketing: most recently, "To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing".

A prolific writer and speaker, Mahajan lives in Bellevue, WA, with his wife and two kids.

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