Moderating Online Focus Groups for Stress-Free Market Research

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In the world of market research, it can become overwhelming to know which survey software allows you the best methodologies to establishing and building an online community. A commonly used approach to building a community has been organizing in-person focus groups. However, conducting these types of surveys to collect and analyze feedback has proven to be a tedious undertaking.

Stress-Free Focus Groups – They Do Exist

Even the most seasoned market researcher will spend days (or months) organizing in-person focus groups for collecting feedback. The time and money spent can be stressful to say the least, and moderating a live focus group without the stress is often an unattainable goal. But it doesn’t have to be that.

Advice from Three Industry-Leaders

On Thursday, April 16th, Survey Analytics will host a free webinar on how to run a stress-free focus group—the key is getting them online. Three industry-leading community experts plan to discuss how to connect with hard-to-reach audiences and how to get a higher participation rate.

Please join Rudly Raphael, the president of an online survey company who has designed and implemented sophisticated research solutions involving quantitative methodology; John Johnsnon, a market research leader in charge of worldwide client relations for an enterprise research platform; and Jim Kitchens, Ph.D., the founder of a leading public opinion research firm with expertise to provide advanced computer modeling, as they show you how to easily moderate your online focus group for efficiency and effectiveness.

If you are interested in signing up for this free webinar, please visit:

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