How Targeting Requirements Impact Market Research Feasibility

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One of the key factors that impacts market research feasibility is the targeting requirements for your survey sample. What details are you specifying in terms of demographic requirements, behavioral profiling, and sample size? For market research, these are essential questions to ensure that surveys are both statistically significant and truly representative of the market. The […]

7 Secrets to Designing a Great Usability Test

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Usability testing is a great way to get a close-up look at your audience’s perceptions and expectations, but if you don’t have a lot of experience setting up user tests it’s easy to make mistakes or simply leave things out. Doing so undercuts the value of your testing and wastes both your time and that […]

Using Margin of Error with Non-Probability Panels

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On January 28, Annie Pettit, chief research officer for Peanut Labs, moderated a four-member panel that discussed the use of a probability measure (margin of error) with non-probability panels. The panelists were from Ipsos, Toluna, Research West, and Marketing Systems Group. The first question posed had to do with the awareness of margin of error […]

Chart The Future Of Research: Take the GRIT Survey

GRIT: Let's look into the future of the market research industry

Yep, it’s that time of year again folks: time to participate in the newest wave of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) survey. We’d like to invite you to share your experiences and perspective with us in the Q1-Q2 2015 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Survey. As our industry changes rapidly, it’s more important than ever […]

5 Critical Success Factors When Offshoring Market Research

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As project timelines and budgets shrink, outsourcing some research operations to lower cost providers becomes more and more attractive. I experienced this first hand a few years ago as I developed a relationship with Annik in India. What I learned from that experience is that creating a successful outsourcing relationship takes time, as there can […]

Hispanic Millennials’ View of Financial Services

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On January 29th Sensis and ThinkNow Research presented the findings from the third wave of their Hispanic Millennial Project. Previous iterations reviewed this important segment’s demographics, psychographics, buying power and attitudes toward key issues such as health, diet, exercise and health insurance. The third wave examined the Hispanic Millennial’s thoughts on finances and compared them […]

New Ways of Looking at Loyalty and Advocacy


Traditionally, likelihood to use again (i.e., loyalty) and likelihood to recommend to others (i.e., advocacy) have been measured using a simple 5- or 10-point rating scale. But do these metrics provide useful information beyond how a hospital scored? That is, do they provide any insight into why the hospital received the score it did and […]

Monthly Mosts: 2015 Research Conferences & Marketing Trends

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Here are our most-read Research Access articles in January: 6 Ways Market Researchers Can Use Social Media Analytics by Greg Timpany Revenue Growth of the Top 50 U.S. Market Research Firms 2015 Market Research Conferences The Potential of iBeacon for Mobile Research The Positive Effect of Negativity: The Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad by Michalis Micheal […]