7 Things to be Thankful for in the Market Research Industry

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Today’s the American holiday of Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday. Free of the commercialism of Christmas, it is a simple, unadorned day of celebration, centering on food and family and thankfulness. I’m thankful for Thanksgiving itself. When I lived in Europe, I missed celebrating it with family. So it seems appropriate to share what I’m […]

Why Loyalty Programs are Not Enough

loyalty cards

There is a bank I am loyal to in Canada. Their fees are high, their Customer Service is not that great and their mortgage rates are above the norm. I still bank with them. The only reason I still bank with them is that they are open late. I do transactions after my office hours. […]

Sampling the Right Set of People with Data Ferrett

young ferret

On November 20, the esteemed Annie Petitt, Chief Research Officer for Peanut Labs, shared practical methods for ensuring proper representation in our samples using Census data and the free tool Data Ferrett (sic). The tool itself allows researchers to create sampling targets without using Excel or statistical programs such as SPSS. Annie started her discussion […]

An Alternative to Customer Effort Score

customer service maze

The Customer Effort Score (CES) appears to be the new shiny object among customer experience professionals. With the urgency to simplify products and services, an attraction to this metric seems logical. But, before you go adding another question to your Voice of the Customer program, take a step back and see if there are existing […]

MarketSight Review: Survey Data Analysis Software at the Intersection of Usable and Flexible

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This is a three-part series of reviews of market-research tools you should be using but might not know about. First up is a review of MarketSight, survey data analysis software that allows you to create crosstabs, dashboards and perform statistical testing. Challenge: In a world where we need to let the data tell the story, we […]

Survey Rewards: Best Practices

Survey Best Practices

In the quickly evolving world of survey rewards, staying on top of changes can be challenging. Here are six tips to optimize your rewards budget and maximize your response rate: Digital makes a difference – Comfort with digital rewards is at an all-time high. People routinely receive e-gift cards from loyalty programs, wellness challenges and survey […]

An Experiment to Improve Email Click-Through Rates

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On November 12, the analysts at Marketing Experiments presented results from a recent experiment that showed it was possible to improve click-through rates by leveraging design changes to the outbound email. The product under consideration was a home music system. The control featured a soft approach which downplayed the product and showed a happy and […]

It’s a Myth That All Mobile Users Are Distracted

Distracted mobile users

A lot of researchers and moderators we speak are concerned that consumers using mobile phones are typically on-the-go, that is to say they are moving or en route somewhere and using their mobile to fill in time. But research shows that this is stereotype is unjust. Consumers aren’t suffering Mobile User Attention Deficit Disorder! Mobile […]

Marketing Strategy Success Comes from Knowing Your Customers

Marketing Strategy

I just read a study from Fournaise Marketing Group, a London consultancy, about the challenges we marketers have gaining credibility for our initiatives with C-Level management. Three issues particularly interested me: We talk too much about brand, not enough about revenue. 77% of CEOs say marketers talk about brand, brand values and brand equity but […]

Creating Mobile Surveys as Subsets of Traditional Online Questionnaires

mobile surveys

Are you conducting research among mobile respondents yet? Autumn is conference season, and a thousand of us just returned from IIR’s The Market Research Event (TMRE) conference where we learned, among other things, about research among mobile survey takers. Currently, for market research industry spending: 5% is for research conducted on a smartphone or tablet […]