Revolution or Evolution? Five Key Takeaways from the IIeX Conference

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We recently presented our latest solution, yPrescribe, at Greenbook’s Insight and Innovations Exchange Research Conference held in Atlanta.  Over 600 research and insight professionals provided case studies and demonstrations of the latest technology tools and techniques.   Our team has compiled a few key highlights from this three-day event:

  • Innovation is everywhere – Text analytics are gleaning better insights from unstructured data, social media is uncovering unrealized brand attributes, and mobile is becoming a ‘must have’ instead of a ‘like to have.’ Technical solutions, methodological advancements, and social listening tools are advancing on an exponential scale.
  • Integrate and synthesize – Stand-alone projects are a thing of the past. The future lies in distilling multiple sources of data into business intelligence. Big Data and all things data integration are going to change the game. Strong analytic capabilities and technology prowess is how we will stay competitive in an evolving landscape.
  • Solving the business or marketing problem – Whether a company is evolving or entering the market with a new technology, the focus needs to be on the business problems. As one speaker said “no C-suite client wants to hear you talk about your latest segmentation approach. Do your homework before you go to the corner office.” We agree wholeheartedly at CMI and our mission focuses on brand, marketing and sales strategy.
  • Hybrid solutions deliver intelligence – The future of delivering actionable insights is an integrated approach. Quantitative research answers the ‘how’ and immersing your consumers’ world answer’s the ‘why?’ No longer can you have the quantitative and qualitative teams in siloed activity.
  • Storytelling and visualization are expected – Executives have less time and need an easy way to absorb insights quickly. PowerPoint and executive summaries are out, and infographics and dashboards are in. Relaying information in a manner that is intuitive and linked to business objectives are table stakes.

Beth Rounds, chief operating officer of CMI Marketing Reseearch, is a regular speaker, at both domestic and international industry gatherings, on the future of research, strategy and leadership. Prior to joining CMI, Beth was a partner with Cambiar Consulting, the leading management consulting company to the industry.


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