5 Areas Where B2B Customer Experience Disappoints

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Ineffective and disorganized processes catering more to the company than its customer not only cause difficulty and frustration for customers, they detract from a company’s ability to be efficient – and in the end, more profitable. What will it take for firms to be more successful at “simple?” To help answer this question, Walker queried B2B customers about their interactions with companies to uncover where challenges exist. The results offer insight – and imply some potential strategies – for helping B2B companies create a customer experience that customers currently desire, and in the future will require.

Where Are the Trouble Spots?

Gaining insight about how B2B companies can simplify the customer experience begins with determining how and where firms currently fall short. Walker surveyed both customers and customer experience professionals for feedback on various customer interactions, or touch points, to find out where difficulties exist.

We broke it down into the following five areas that are common to most B2B companies and asked customers to indicate what obstacles they face:

  1. Purchase Process
    • Not enough guidance on what to buy
    • Pricing is difficult to find or too complicated
    • Self-service portals are complicated and difficult to navigate
  2. Lead Time/Delivery
    • Lead time doesn’t meet requirements
    • Delivery delays or delivery doesn’t meet the agreed-upon time
    • No self-service access to updates
  3. Installation/Onboarding
    • Self-service training difficult to navigate
    • Product/service is too complicated to figure out
    • No structured knowledge transfer
  4. Product/Service Experience
    • Product does not perform as expected
    • Doesn’t understand how to use features
    • Complexity impacts usability
  5. Customer Service/Support
    • Support requests take too long to resolve
    • Self-service portals aren’t organized to effectively solve problems
    • Customers don’t know who to contact; representatives lack knowledge

Knowing customers’ “pain” in each phase of the lifecycle offers important guidance for B2B firms, especially in identifying areas where simplifying the experience can be most beneficial. If these are the real issues at hand, it’s fair to say that effectively addressing them will go a long way in helping companies realize the proven business benefits that result from increased simplicity.

This is an excerpt from a new report available from Walker: The Value of Making It Easy. Melissa Meier, vice president and strategic account manager for Walker, was its lead author. Melissa focuses on helping her clients build successful customer experience programs. You can follow Walker on Twitter: @walkerinfo.


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