Community Management Is Like Gardening

community garden with mother and child

Everyone is talking about Generation Z these days.  You know them … they are today’s tweens and teens—the kids just behind the Millennials, to whom everyone wants to talk. And with the buzz about Generation Z come the inevitable suggestions on how best to reach this group of young up-and-comers for online market research. These […]

The Goal is Behavior Change, Not Insights

behavior change

At the IIEX conference in Atlanta last week, Alex Batchelor of Brainjuicer introduced himself as a “recovering Insightsaholic,” someone who loved insights for their own sake. But insights aren’t enough. Market research needs to “find out how [consumers] decide and what affects that decision making,” Alex said. And decisions are influenced by environment (“sense, choose, […]

Innovation in MR

lightbulb in front of stock chart

I spent most of last week in Atlanta at the Insight Innovation Exchange. All I can say is, “Whew!” There must have been 150 presentations over the three days, most a merciful 20 minutes with a few meatier 40 minute sessions mixed in. Coming on the heels of MRMW in Chicago just two weeks ago, […]

Profiling with Surveys and Mobile Behavioral Data

mobile usage around the clock

Clutter is a fact of life in the advertising world. This is as true for mobile ads as it is for print, television and radio. How to cut through the clutter and reach potential buyers is one of those questions that all marketers seek to answer. Maria Domoslawska, VP of Global Strategy for Research Now, […]

How to Collect Competitive Intelligence

chessboard in checkmate

At last week’s Insights & Strategies Conference of the Marketing Research Association, Sean Campbell of Cascade Insights discussed competitive intelligence in the age of search engines. Cascade Insights provides competitive research and market intelligence to B2B hardware, software, and high-tech services companies. Too often, companies obsess about their own customers. This blinds them to potential […]

Market Segmentation To Prioritize Prospects

group of white pawns, one red pawn over bullseye

Market segmentation, or how marketers divide their market, has changed over the last 30 years. New techniques, more powerful analytic platforms, and terabytes of data have moved market segmentation from an annual event to a real-time exercise. In a recent GreenBook webinar, Scott Laing of ORC International shared with the audience his take on how […]

Mobile Research Hype, Then and Now

iStock May 2014 calendar on tablet

I spent two days last week in Chicago at Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW). I now have been to all four of the North American versions of this event, all the way back to Atlanta in 2011. Last week’s iteration caused me to go back and look at my post about the Atlanta event as […]

All Web Surveys Are Mobile

Modern mobile phone with customer service survey form on a screen. Red tick on excellent checkbox showing customer satisfaction. Isolated on white background.

Survey researchers can’t ignore mobile devices any longer. For surveys being administered through Survey Sampling International (SSI), the percentage of responses coming from smartphones doubled from 5% to 11% between Q1 2013 and Q2 2014. Responses on tablets saw a similar increase: from 4% to 10% during the same period. Almost all online surveys are […]

Measuring Customer Experience Requires Fewer Questions Than You Think

customer lifecycle

Figure 1. Three Phases of the Customer Lifecycle A formal definition of customer experience, taken from Wikipedia, states that customer experience is: “The sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier.” In practical terms, customer experience is the customer’s perception […]

FocusVision + Revelation: A New Day for Qualitative Research

Merge road sign

On May 30, 2014, Revelation, the web and mobile qual research applications company I founded in 2007, became part of FocusVision, the global standard in video streaming of focus groups and in person interviews.  While this merger is obviously a very significant and positive event for our two companies, I believe it also is a […]