From Agile Software Development to Agile Market Research

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Market research has been around awhile, and some would say it is long in the tooth. Yesterday Matt Warta of GutCheck and Jeffrey Henning of Researchscape decided to illustrate what market researchers could learn from software firms. Agile development is the rage in the software development world. There are other methodologies for software development, but […]

How To Use Humor To Increase Survey Response Rates

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Why are surveys so humorless?  Are we doing something so vital and critically important that we have to ask questions in such serious tones?  We’re not performing surgery here; we are having a conversation with our customers via a survey (although I am sure even surgeons tell jokes to one another over the operating table).  […]

Panel Management Software Requirements

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As your organization conducts more and more online surveys, eventually it runs into issues coordinating survey requests across the range of potential respondents. One solution is panel management software, to centrally manage your respondents and those who have access to them via surveys. But before you can begin to evaluate the dozens of great suppliers […]

4 Ways To Use On-Demand Qualitative Research

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As a marketing executive or brand manager you’re faced with decisions all day long that might affect the short- or long-term survival of your product or brand. Wouldn’t it be great to have on-demand qualitative research at your fingertips to help make those decisions? Here’s 4 ways you might use on-demand qualitative research to improve […]

Global Mobile: It’s Here, But Are Your Surveys Ready?

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The ubiquity of mobile devices has opened up new opportunities for market researchers on a global scale. Think: biometrics, geo-location, presence sensing, etc. The emerging possibilities enabled by mobile market research are exciting and worth exploring, but we can’t ignore the impact that small screens are already having on market research. For example, unintended mobile respondents make up about […]

AAPOR 2014 on Nonresponse and Data Science

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Last week the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) held its 69th annual conference in sunny (and hot) Anaheim, California. My biggest takeaway from this year’s conference is that AAPOR is a very healthy organization. AAPOR attendees were genuinely happy to be at the conference, enthusiastic about AAPOR, and excited about the conference material. Many […]

Researchers of the Future – Which Will You Be?

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Today it is preached that we must be one kind of marketing researcher – a business consultant – in order to be relevant for the industry’s future. However, in my experience, I think there are a number of overarching styles that can excel in the industry moving forward. Here’s a brief overview of the researchers […]

Racing the Snail: Adopting New Research Methodologies Cautiously, But Not Too Cautiously

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Merrill Dubrow, CEO of M/A/R/C Research, presented the keynote at “Spring Into Action”, the New England Marketing Research Association’s conference last week in Waltham, Massachusetts. “We have a big opportunity in the research industry. Yet everyone is challenging what we do, how we do it, and the timeframe we do it in.” Research firms need […]

Are Focus Groups An Endangered Species?

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Recently, I came across an interesting Bloomberg Businessweek article discussing the limitations associated with focus groups and the ways some companies were using solutions (such as Invoke’s large-scale online focus groups…ahem, I work there) to overcome these limitation: Shoot the Focus Group. The article starts out with Yahoo!’s then-CMO Cammie Dunaway talking about killing focus […]

Market Research Needs To Reboot

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The Game Has Changed In the last 10 years, the US and other countries have seen a number of technological shifts with respect to access to information, analytical software capabilities, and the sheer amount of data available to the business world. Most notably, widespread broadband adoption, the ability to search the Internet for information, and […]