Is That Rating Scale Just Cute Or Actually Effective?

As the Marketing Manager for an online survey software company, I see a lot of surveys: our own research projects, competitor surveys, our customers’ surveys, surveys from businesses I buy from, and more. In fact, when it comes to online research my ‘reticular activator’ is in overdrive and I can’t help but notice myriad opportunities where online surveys should be utilized but are not present!

With the huge variance in survey styles, questions and answer options, I often find myself confronted with a burning question: Is this an effective survey?

While there are many facets of this question, one element often rises to the top: the question type. To go one step further, let’s consider one of the most popular question types: the rating scale.

We see rating scales all over the web and consumers may not even realize we are essentially looking at surveys! Examples would be the star rating (popularized by Yelp and other review sites); and the Net Promoter Score, which relies on an 11-point rating scale for its calculation.

To shed some light on this, QuestionPro teamed up with ResearchAccess editor Jeffrey Henning to produce an educational video highlighting best practices for rating scales. Enjoy!

rating scale video

James Wirth is the marketing manager of QuestionPro, a leader in online survey software.


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