How to Showcase the Human Side of Your Brand in Social Media Campaigns

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Social media networks have indeed revolutionized the way businesses approach their public relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns. With the quick and wide connection of these pages to millions of people online, companies have taken advantage of social media to market their products/services. However, in an attempt to make things easier, entrepreneurs often rely on tools that automatically post content for them. This tactic can make your brand lose its personality and emotion, which are essential in keeping your customers engaged. You need to present your human side to your brand for successful social media campaigns.

Listen More Than You Talk

Listening to your audiences via social media is an effective way to collect feedback and analyze text and chatter from your marketplace about your company and your brand.

You should always remember that your target market is not the same as the people who are following and interacting with you on Twitter. Although some of your followers are included in your target market, you have to separate the two to better understand what the market says. Hear their suggestions, including their complaints, while considering their interests — then address them as much as you can. This will help you improve your next campaign and garner better number of followers next time.

Use Your Human Staff As A Humanizing Resource

Let’s Get Wise suggests that you should “personalize your social media marketing strategy and use real team members in your social marketing ventures.” Since your employees are the people who are responsible for creating your products, they are the most authentic expression of your brand. Ask them to use their real names when posting a status, tweet, or product information. This practice will help your audience realize that your account is not an automated stream of sales pitches, robots, or spammers.

Join or Host Media Forums and Twitter Chats

Social media conversations serve as great opportunity to learn new things, meet new people (potential clients, competitors, or journalists), grow your brand awareness, and foster a lasting relationship with participants. Engaging in conversations will draw more traffic and attention to your social account.

Show Image Of Actual People

What could be more human than presenting a human face to your accounts, rather than faceless silhouettes and eggs? On the similar Social Media Today blog entry, author Pam Moore said you should show social-media followers the real face of your organization by presenting photos of your happy employees. Face it, your logo alone is a boring avatar or masthead. Include photographs of those who are actively responding to your tweets as part of your Twitter background photo or video marketing campaigns.

Be Careful When Newsjacking

Newsjacking” is an acceptable social marketing effort where you inject your creative ideas to formulate a new angle that relates to the breaking news or any stories of national interest. This practice can draw more attention to your brand, especially if it goes viral.

However, you should be careful when implementing one as it could also make your brand “inhuman” or insensitive. In the case of UK-based online retailer CelebBoutique, they tweeted “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress” shortly after 12 people got killed in the midnight screening of “The Dark Night Rises” in a theater located in Aurora, Colorado. This tweet was followed by a subsequent online uproar. An hour after publishing the tweet, the company apologized for their post. This move certainly didn’t work for the better of their business.

For you to humanize your brand using social media, your accounts should always be geared towards your consumers’ benefit and not primarily for your own personal interests. All your posts should cater to how you can help your customers, especially when it comes to the decision making process of whether to buy your product or not.

Time to humanize your brand!

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