With Your Head in the Clouds, You Can See the Forest For the Trees

sample word cloud from WordTree

The ideal solution to analyzing a few hundred verbatim responses to a survey has yet to be found. Most text analytic programs aren’t much help here – once trained, they shine at processing tens of thousands of verbatims, but they are not much help with 200 verbatims. Yet 200 verbatims is enough to require hours […]

How to Showcase the Human Side of Your Brand in Social Media Campaigns

thumbs down, thumbs up

Social media networks have indeed revolutionized the way businesses approach their public relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns. With the quick and wide connection of these pages to millions of people online, companies have taken advantage of social media to market their products/services. However, in an attempt to make things easier, entrepreneurs often rely on tools […]

Don’t Push That Button! Dropdowns vs. Radio Buttons

dropdowns vs radio buttons

Don’t push that button! Or should we? On March 6, the team at Marketing Experiments recapped one of their recent experiments: an A/B test of radio buttons versus drop down menus on an order form. The research question was simple would one data collection method outperform the other in conversion? The test involved a company […]

Different Country, Different Story

Language: 10% of Culture

By Tom De Ruyck and Niels Schillewaert In the second chapter of our book The Consumer Consulting Board, we outlined our approach for establishing, managing and analyzing the output of research communities. The fundamentals of this approach work on a global scale. But, just like the brands we are working for, we need to localize […]

Social Media Dystopia: The Circle Is The Next Must-Read MRX Book

The Circle book cover

Way back in 1947, John Campbell, Jr., the editor of Astounding Science Fiction, articulated a central premise of the genre he was shaping: “To be science fiction, not fantasy, an honest effort at prophetic extrapolation from the known must be made.” Dave Eggers – best known for his memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius […]

The True Meaning of Survey Representativity

U.S. population cartogram

In a recent webinar, the esteemed Pete Cape from Survey Sampling International led us on an interesting journey through the world of sampling and how market research has evolved from relying on random samples to a love for quota samples. The key change has been the move away from the traditional means of reaching potential […]

“The 2014 State of eCommerce Marketing” Report

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In QuestionPro’s monthly Google+ Hangout on Air online event series, I recently interviewed Sam Mallikarjunan, Head of eCommerce Marketing for HubSpot. The topic of course was eCommerce marketing. HubSpot conducted a survey on the ‘State of eCommerce Marketing’ and is releasing a report on the findings. The results were debuted on our Hangout. Some of […]

21 Tips for Writing Research Reports

Typewriter close up shot, concept of Market Report

In a CASRO webinar yesterday, John Gilfeather of Koski Research shared 21 tips for writing research reports. Prepare an outline. Just like you were taught in middle school, it’s best to organize your work on a single sheet of paper before you start writing. “Don’t assume that questionnaire order is the best way to write […]

Evolving a Solution for Employee Pulse Surveys


I wanted to share some of the insights I’ve gathered as I have been researching employee pulse surveys, and also some real-world evidence from the companies and teams that have adopted FlashLet. Three factors have a large influence on employee engagement: Purpose – Why am I here? How do I fit into the company’s objectives? […]

Navigating Uncharted Waters in the Healthcare Marketplace

compass coast

The advent of the healthcare reform (Affordable Care Act) created uncharted waters where companies that had traditionally sold in the B2B space were now given the option to offer their wares to the consuming public. Amy Modini from CMB and James Villella of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) spoke on February 20, 2014, […]