Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise: Why Many Predictions Fail – but Some Don’t”

The Signal and the Noise book cover

Nate Silver has achieved near rock star status in the world of polling analysts and among the broader public, in no small part due to his popular “Five Thirty Eight” blog (now at ESPN). It has been pointed out how he picked up many followers during the tumultuous 2012 election campaign by his reassurance that […]

10 Key Consumer Trends for 2014

2014 consumer trends

On January 30, 2014, Euromonitor International consumer editor Daphe Kasriel-Alexander presented a summary of the key consumer trends that they have identified for 2014. There is a diverse mix of trends facing consumers in emerging and established markets and at face value several of them seem contradictory. This should not seem surprising, though, as consumer […]

3 Phases of Collaboration Throughout the Innovation Lifecycle

bulb and team of paper man showing concept of teamwork

When companies or individuals consider crowdsourcing as a component of ongoing innovation for their organization, they often think that their network is only involved in the initial phase: ideation or idea gathering. This phase of crowdsourcing is often referred to as open innovation. And although numerous innovation software solutions provide this base level of functionality, […]

10 Tips for Optimizing Market Research within Your Organization

gears on path

Now more than ever, with many companies decentralizing marketing research, sharing information and insights is crucial to getting the best return on your marketing research investments. I have worked with numerous organizations that live by the value of their market insights, and there are commonalities in how they encourage a consumer focus throughout their companies.  […]

Are Researchers Creating the Functional Equivalent of Genetically Modified Food?

genetically modified food

Have you ever had the nagging feeling that a research project collected data that was simply not very good? That the respondents weren’t adequately engaged when supplying answers? Or that the method didn’t gather enough meaningful context? In market research, our convention is to conduct studies that employ imposed calibration.  Our studies often capture and measure attitudes […]

Employee Pulse Surveys as a Leading Indicator

employee pulse surveys

The cost estimates for replacing an employee vary widely depending upon the nature of the role. Regardless, it is an expensive and time-consuming task to recruit and “on board” a new employee. Just as we are concerned with customer acquisition and retention, the same thinking can be applied to recruiting and retaining top employees. This […]

You Can’t Dash Off Mobile Dashboards

data visualization box of icons

There’s a good chance you’re reading this on your smartphone or tablet. Now imagine if it inspired you to look up something on one of your company dashboards. Would you be able to read it, navigate it, use it? Too often these dashboards weren’t designed with mobile in mind. Dashboards for the PC, whether delivered […]

The Vagueness of Our Terms: Are Positive Responses Really That Positive?

Alice and Humpty Dumpty

Back at the 2011 AAPOR conference in Phoenix, John Tarnai, Danna Moore, and Marion Schultz from Washington State University presented a poster entitled, “Evaluating the Meaning of Vague Quantifier Terms in Questionnaires.”  Their research began with the premise that “many questionnaires use vague response terms, such as ‘most’, ‘some’, ‘a few’ and survey results are analyzed as if these terms […]

What Corporate Researchers & Research Suppliers Want

drivers of supplier selection

GreenBook conducts an annual study of the market research industry. In this second of two panel discussion events, held last week, Leonard Murphy, David Brudenell, Matt Warta and Suzana Pamplona discussed the key drivers that research companies large and small can use to differentiate themselves in the market. Overall, there was a high degree of […]

Four Collaborative Steps to Innovation

IdeaScale innovation process

Open innovation is the practice of collecting data from a wide audience in order to solve problems or evolve. And this practice is being utilized in every industry, from government to nonprofits to enterprise-level companies to universities, with numerous different end goals and objectives. Marketers are using it for research, product managers are using it […]