An Introduction to Community Panels


Building community is an integral component of a successful life. Such is definitely the case when considering ways to capture and leverage input from customers, prospects, donors or just about any other group of interest, according to a Survey Analytics webinar last week. Online survey platforms, at least at the lower end of the market, […]

The Top 10 Research Presentations that Stuck With Me

presenter at podium

Before I head off to my first conference of 2014, NetGain 8.0 in Toronto, I decided to look back on some of the great presentations I saw last year – presentations that stuck with me, and later had me referring back to my notes. Here’s my personal Top 10 research presentations from 2013. Grow Your […]

Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By Politics And Religion

The Righteous Mind book cover

Jonathan Haidt’s TED Talks web page describes his work as the study of “… how and why we evolved to be moral. By understanding more about our moral roots, his hope is that we can learn to be civil and open-minded.” The broad recognition given Haidt’s work on moral psychology, as systematized in The Righteous […]

5 Reasons Mobile Qual Should Be On Your Menu

mobile photo of lunch

Mobile qual enables you to gather consumer experiences at the moment they happen – overcoming many of the roadblocks typical of traditional research methods. Find out 5 reasons why mobile qual should be on your research menu in 2014. It’s the Stories – At the heart of every business challenge are customer stories that hold […]

How 1- & 2-Column Landing Pages Compare on Conversion Rates


Our colleagues in marketing frequently come to research looking for data to inform their decision process. This stream of dialog keeps those of us in the research business out of trouble and focused on the task of getting to know what moves the customer or prospect. Much of market research focuses on surveys and qualitative […]

My First In-Home Ethnography

house with toys outside

Come On In, Stranger! Ever wonder what type of person allows market researchers into their home to observe and study them? Well, surprise to me, they’re normal people!  I was convinced only “whack-a-dos” would open up their doors to us.  In short, I was proven wrong.  With each new research methodology I am exposed to, […]

Using a Balanced Scorecard to Focus Your Business on What Matters

balanced scorecard

Forget what you know about the Balanced Scorecard approach. Most guides don’t really get to the point, as all they talk about are the “four perspectives” that you need to have, business objectives, and KPIs. All that is important, but what is more important is a coherent approach to using these business tools. Goals and […]

Drum-Majoring for Truth

To Thine Own Self book cover

The following is an excerpt from To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing. According to a TV commercial, any of us could have availed ourselves of amazing bargains at K-Mart during the “Martin Luther King Jr. Sale.” Man, where to begin…? I won’t get into the usual debate about who has the right to use […]

Blending Social Media with Online Panel Research

Two mountain streams merge in the forest

What was once two separate streams are now becoming a single river of information, according to Daren Bosik of Questback, in a Quirks webinar presented Tuesday. Marketers are paying increasing attention to what is being said about their brands in social media. Marketers no longer fully own the conversations taking place around their brands: social […]

2014 Market Research Conferences


Here are some of the 2014 market research conferences on our radar. January 23 The Creativity Lab – Science MRS London January 29 Media Insights & Engagement Conference IIR Coconut Grove, FL January 29 Private Placements Industry Forum 2014 IIR Turnberry Isle Resort, FL January 30 Net Gain 8.0 – Transformation MRIA Toronto January 30 […]