All Hail the Humble Median

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At the 2013 Inbound Marketing conference, Nate Silver said, “The average is still the most useful mathematical tool ever invented.” I agree that it is powerful, but I would argue that in fact it is the median that is the most useful mathematical tool ever invented. This lesson was brought home to me as I […]

Digital Qual Activities that Explore ‘Brand’ as a Relationship

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Prophet’s David Aaker, who has dedicated his career to understanding the phenomenon of brands, stated, “Brand is typically the most important driver of customer purchase in both B2C and B2B.” Going with Aaker’s argument, it follows that the first step at assessing brand as a driver of purchase is to come to an agreement on what […]

Integrated App Feedback Critical for Developers

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Just five years ago, Apple launched the “app craze” and announced apps as the future of brand-to-consumer communications. Today there are over a million apps in the marketplace, and it is a $26 billion industry. Despite all their success, apps have an even richer future ahead of them. Only 7% of businesses worldwide have mobile […]

10 Tips for Mobile Diary Studies

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Earlier this month, Chris Neal of Chadwick Martin Bailey shared with members of the New England chapter of the Marketing Research Association tips for running mobile diary studies, based on lessons learned from a recent project. For the Council of Research Excellence, CMB studied mobile video usage to understand: How much time is spent on […]

7 Research Insights from the GeekWire Summit

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Back in September we attended the GeekWire Summit to learn about the latest trends in technology development. GeekWire is an independent news site and online community covering many forms of innovation coming out of the Pacific Northwest. The Summit included conversations with people from organizations as diverse as Microsoft, HBO, DoubleDown Interactive, Zillow, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Chase Jarvis photography, a venture capital firm, […]

Managerial Economics For Dummies

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The following is an excerpt from Managerial Economics for Dummies. Published under license from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Successful businesses satisfy consumer desires. Knowing how consumers decide which desires to satisfy and which to leave unsatisfied is an important component in your managerial decision-making. Consumer theory describes how customers determine the purchases they make. […]

How Social Media Is Changing Market Research

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Social media networks have drastically changed the way some businesses conduct market research, due to their increased ability to access information. This allows you to understand your ideal customer and learn effective ways to connect with him or her. Below are a few tactics that will help you utilize social networks to cut down on […]

Cookies Will Be the Next Victim of the Mobile Revolution

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No, we are not talking about Girls Scout Cookies. We are talking about the data stored on your machine by websites when you surf using a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. As you browse, each website stores pieces of information, in order to provide you with functionality such as remaining logged in […]

Econometrics for Dummies

Econometrics for Dummies book cover

The following is an excerpt from Econometrics for Dummies. Published under license from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Econometric techniques help you make estimates about economic relationships. For example, you can use your knowledge of economic theory to predict that having more disposable income leads to increased consumption for normal goods, but you need econometrics […]

Altruism: Alive and Well on Facebook?

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Facebook has been derided by some researchers as a contributor to growing levels of narcissism in our society.  It is true that a lot of what happens on Facebook is about how you’re seen and gaining approval from peers.  But a recent experiment we conducted recruiting subjects for cognitive interviews using Facebook made me reconsider this simple […]