Video Channel Brings Market Research Business News

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One research news service getting some shout-outs from the podium at the MRA’s Corporate Research Conference last week was Bob Lederer’s Research Business DAILY Report, a YouTube channel with over 300 videos providing market research business news. Bob was kind enough to share three of his favorite videos from the channel. Why Honomichl Top 50 […]

Predictive Analytics for Market Researchers

Predictive Analytics

Eric Siegel, Ph.D., founder of Predictive Analytics World and author of Predictive Analytics, kicked off the Marketing Research Association’s third annual Corporate Research Conference last week with a great introduction to predictive analytics. Eric defined predictive analytics as: technology that learns from experience [data] to predict the future behavior of individuals…. in order to drive […]

8 Priorities of the Microsoft Insights Team

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At the third annual Corporate Researchers Conference of the Marketing Research Association, Reed Cundiff, the general manager of the Microsoft insights team, discussed the challenges his organization has been addressing. Reed leads a team of 90 researchers, which is perhaps the biggest in the technology industry. Reed compared research to soccer, in an analogy eerily […]

6 Keys to Mobile Qual – When, Where and Why

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Researchers have been using mobile devices to capture data and engage participants for a number of years now, with the initial buzz dying down somewhat. This is an ideal time to reflect on what we’ve learned so far. 1. It’s Still A Mashup Out There Despite massive technology advancements and accelerated innovation, there’s still an […]

Emotion and Inspiration at the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night"

At the 2013 ESOMAR Annual Congress in Istanbul, Laurine van de Wiel of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Saskia Brocx of TNS NIPO in the Netherlands discussed “how emotion-based visitor research can create engaging brand experiences.” “As researchers we help with everything from mortgages to beans packages but it was hard to look […]

Avoiding Confirmation Bias

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One of the key skills in the sphere of market research and consumer insights is avoiding bias in the research. As we know, bias is a result of subjectivity. It’s the personal subjective lens used to view the world and is often based on certain intrinsic parts of character (gender, race, age, etc.) as well […]

Using Multiple Research Methods is Like Sensory Integration


Just as Affectiva found that combining self-reported data with facial coding produced better results, Carlos Jaime Velasco of Neurosketch in Columbia found that combining old and new research methods offers a better understanding of consumer behavior, he reported at the 2013 ESOMAR Annual Congress in Istanbul. “Sensory integration is a good metaphor for this: when […]