Is “Breaking Bad” Really the Best Show on TV?

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Is “Breaking Bad” really the best show on TV? TV critics seem to think so. In 2012 they rated the AMC series the best show on television for that year. Now, they didn’t get together for a voting party, nor did they cast secret ballots in order to determine this. Instead, the website Metacritic analyzed […]

Do Emotions in Advertising Drive Sales?

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At the 2013 ESOMAR Annual Congress in Istanbul, Nick Langeveld and Rana El Kaliouby of Affectiva discussed their research with Mars into using facial coding to understand the relation between emotional ads and sales effectiveness. “Good ads solicit strong emotion: happiness, surprise, even crying a little,” said Nick. “But does that emotion translate into a […]

How Does Your Cappuccino Feel?

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At the 2013 ESOMAR Annual Congress today in Istanbul, Dominique Delfaud of Mane Flavour & Fragrance in France and John Pawle of QRi Consulting in the UK discussed using synesthesia to create “a visually interactive experience of flavor.” Mane, since 1871 a family-owned leader in the flavor and fragrance industry, uses a model of four […]

Rewrite Agreement Scales to Eliminate Acquiescence

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Agreement scales, measuring how much the public agrees or disagrees with a particular idea, are one of the most popular types of questions. Unfortunately, they are also one of the least reliable types of questions. Since respondents tend to exaggerate their actual agreement, other scales should be used instead. In fact, over 100 separate studies […]

Multi-Mode Surveys and the Paradox of Choice

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At the 2013 AAPOR conference, researchers from Westat and the IRS reported on  the effect of offering multiple survey modes on response rates. The research was implemented with the IRS Individual Taxpayer Burden survey, which measures the amount of time and money spent on recordkeeping, tax planning, professional tax help, and completing returns. In 2010, […]

Benchmarking Emotional Reactions to Concept Tests

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Yesterday, Josh Kamowitz and Brent Snider of BrainJuicer presented a webinar, “Love at First Test: Why Feelings Matter When Optimizing Concepts.” Traditionally, concept tests have focused on measuring consumers’ rational reactions to product concepts. First, a concept for a product, service, or ad is described, expressing an overall consumer insight, describing benefits and RTBs (Reasons […]