Grid-Cheating Panelists on Trial


As part of the CASRO webinar series, a few weeks ago Pete Cape, global knowledge director of SSI, discussed his research into respondents’ use of grids. It began with a mystery posed by the 2009 paper, “Beyond ‘Trapping’ the Undesirable Panelist: Use of Red Herrings to Reduce Satisficing” by Jeff Miller and Jamie Baker-Prewitt, PhD, […]

Interpreting Net Scores and Mean Scores for the Likelihood to Recommend Metric

calculator on graphs

How do people interpret mean scores and net scores? Is there an advantage of using one metric over the other? I am studying these two different ways of summarizing data to determine the usefulness of each method. A popular metric in the field of customer experience management (CEM) is based on the following question: “How likely […]

Can Customer Advocacy Be Systematized?

Advocacy definition

Advocacy can be defined in many ways: to recommend, to provide references, to be an ambassador for a brand.  Plainly put advocacy is: people talking nicely about an organisation and recommending what the organisation has to offer to other people. There are numerous studies which tell us that we trust real people (this is true […]