How to Do Your Own Retail Audit Using Tablets or Smartphones

Conduct Your Own Retail Audit Using Tablets or Smartphones

As the marketing and market research world get more and more comfortable with mobile technology, there are opportunities to go beyond the traditional survey in this innovative realm. Sure, it’s easy to do your first few mobile surveys using tried and true surveys, such as a customer feedback survey or an attitude and usage study.

One of those areas of innovation is the retail audit.

Traditionally, retail audits have been conducted by third-parties who charge a lot of money to go in and collect information about a retail environment. Think of the traditional retail audit as part mystery shop and part inventory.

Retail audits are used by manufacturers to assess how their products are being merchandised and by retailers to evaluate their own stores and their competitors’.

On Thursday I helped produce a Survey Analytics webinar entitled, “How to Conduct Your Own Retail Audit.” It was presented by Survey Analytics’ president, Andrew Jeavons with help from Greg Bender, the product manager for SurveyPocket.

One of the great points Andrew made is that a retail audit essentially IS a survey. With survey technology you can scan barcodes, take photos and videos, and collect other information systematically.

Here is the video from that session, followed by a copy of the slides.

Even if you are not planning to conduct a retail audit, I think this session will be interesting to you as you expand your mind about what can be done with mobile surveys.

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