My Data Visualization Wish List

My Data Visualization Wish List

This is the time of year when many children make their holiday wish lists. Now that I’m a grown-up, my wish lists look a bit different. For instance, I have a data visualization wish list.

You see, I’m both a market researcher and a marketer. So I like data, and I like shiny objects. Hence I like data visualization.

But I can’t just go out and buy every shiny toy that looks cool, or else I’d break the bank.

Here is my data visualization wish list for the holidays; it includes 10 things I’d like, regardless of cost or practicality.

  1. A copy of Adobe AfterEffects, because I literally want to animate my data.
  2. A subscription to MapBox.
  3. A gift card to buy data visualization books, including Beautiful Data, Information Dashboard Design, Visualize This, and Information is Beautiful.
  4. A copy of SAS.
  5. Tickets to VisWeek, Visualized and VDA.
  6. An iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note with SecondPrism installed, because the future of data visualization is touch.
  7. A copy of Tableau.
  8. Registration in Edward Tufte’s One-Day Class.
  9. A copy of Adobe Illustrator, in order to recreate data relationships and make them beautiful.
  10. A copy of Tibco Spotfire.

That would be enough to keep me busy for a while, but I’m sure as this dynamic field continues to change the list will keep growing longer.

What data visualization tools and learning aids are you dreaming of?

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