How to Use Barcodes for Retail Competitive Intelligence

Did you know you can document your position – and your competitors’ positions – on shelves across thousands of retail locations with a super-simple technique using one of the oldest pieces of modern retail technology – the barcode?

For distributors and manufacturers, having the right space on the shelf is a matter of business survival. Yet often they don’t have a good way of understanding just where they stand relative to the competition.

Sure, they send representatives to retail locations all the time. But until now, it’s been difficult to collect real-world shelf placement data in a comprehensive way.

Here are the simple steps to collect valuable shelf placement information.

  1. Equip your representatives with a survey application for iPads, Android tablets, iOS or Android smartphones, or iTouch devices such as the one provided by SurveyPocket.
  2. Create a simple survey including a barcode scanning question, and optionally a photo question (for snapping a photo of the scanned item), an open-ended question (so the representative can provide an unstructured qualitative description), and any other questions that would be relevant.
  3. Sync the device data to your central database with 1 click.

It’s that simple!

Here is a short video I created illustrating a simple application of this concept using brands of ketchup in a local grocery store:

This demonstration was part of a larger complimentary webinar on using SurveyPocket for collecting data on iPads, Android tablets, smartphones and iTouch devices.

I hope you find this competitive intelligence technique useful!

About Greg Bender

Greg Bender is Account Manager at Survey Analytics, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the product manager for SurveyPocket. He can be reached at [email protected]

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