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Crowdsourcing has been an official dictionary word since 2011 and an effective network intelligence concept for far longer than that. But the proliferation of new and different tools, capabilities, and opportunities keeps offering as many questions as answers.

The Daily Crowdsource has created its own resource in response to this reality: Crowdopolis.

IdeaScale will be there with a guest, and we’ll be talking about how to engage communities. As participants we’re allowed to share this special offer: if you register before December 1st with code IS2012, then you receive a free hotel suite upgrade along with discounted registration. 

Don’t expect a typical conference, though. Believe me, we wouldn’t be going if that were the case. Crowdopolis is different. We’re talking about eight different Fortune 500 companies that are sharing their success stories (to begin with) and fewer than twenty vendors throughout the whole show. Less sales, more solutions. These are brands and organizations that have already put solutions in practice and are helping develop new ideas about how to optimize and evolve.

What can you expect to learn at Crowdopolis? Here are just some of the questions that they plan on answering:

  • How do I scale to my crowdsourcing investment?
  • How do I manage the process?
  • How do I engage my network and keep them active?

Crowdopolis is definitely doing it a little differently and I wonder if it won’t just mark a new era of doing business, but a new type of conference based especially (thankfully) on lessons learned and ideas for the future.

Remember: code IS2012 before December 1st and you’ll enjoy a suite upgrade and discounted registration. We hope to see you there.

About Jessica Day

Jessica Day manages marketing and communications for IdeaScale. She has been working in the marketing industry for more than five years with a variety of companies including digital agencies like Ascentium and Knee Deep Marketing and contracting for larger companies like Microsoft.

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