Customer Collaboration and Customer Centricity

Last week, IdeaScale hosted an open webinar on the subject of customer collaboration. The speakers included senior solutions expert Tatjana Walter of SAP and Rob Hoehn, CEO and co-founder of IdeaScale. The discussion ranged across a number of topics and themes common to most network intelligence and product research discussions but everything was brought to bear on the SAP Business ByDesign Ideas Forum that SAP had created.

SAP Business ByDesign Forum

SAP is a global software development company that is present in more than 120 countries. Their existing idea collection forum has been live for about 18 months and has already incorporated 200 customer-generated suggestions into their product offerings. That’s a high level of engagement as well as a high return on their investment.

There are a number of reasons why SAP has enjoyed such a highly successful program, but listening in on the webinar, a few unique qualities of their program stuck out to me:

  • The prioritized list was a key feature in designing their program. They wanted their audience to help them organize their approach and that helped them streamline their response.
  • The goal of idea generation was organizational as well as customer-related. They wanted to increase transparency across their entire organization (internally as well as externally)
  • The customer collaboration happened in a private environment. Customers could feel secure about their compliments and criticisms and while sharing their information for follow-up questions later.
  • The ideas forum was fully integrated into their existing customer systems, making it easy to access and engage with.
  • The tool allowed a global brand to stay global, merging their English language forum and their German language forum and making it so that ideas and comments were automatically translated.

These are just some of the ways that SAP is able to collaborate with their customers and remain truly customer-centric.

 To view the full webinar video, click here.

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