QuestionPro Launches Infographic Engine

QPro Infographic

The phrase “big data” is everywhere these days. Every other blog post I read or article I see online is touting how important big data is. Truth be told, I do agree that we live in an era where data is more important than ever, but I have to wonder, what good is data if […]

Customer Segmentation Resources

Orange Portion with Clipping Path

Of all the questions we get at Research Access, one of the most common themes is customer segmentation – what it is, how to do it, and how to do it well. Accordingly, I thought it might be useful to publish links to some resources about customer segmentation. Market Segmentation online course from Research Rockstar […]

Millennials Are Growing Up

agues holding each other and laughi

Editor’s Note: Today I’m pleased to introduce a new Research Access author: Gayle Vogel, Vice President at Edge Research, a full service marketing research firm that specializes in connecting research results with actionable insights. We’ve been conducting generational research for years, capturing the emotional and rational thought processes that motivate individuals along the life stage continuum.  […]

A Blow to Prediction Markets

Chart Down

So long, Intrade. The news hit yesterday that Intrade closed its doors to U.S. bettors. This is surely a blow to the proponents of prediction markets (sometimes called “predictive markets”) – a form of forecasting where people place bets on the likelihood of real-life events taking place. There are many who believe prediction markets rival the […]

[SURVEY] How Do Marketers Use Marketing Services Firms?

Too Many Questions

The world of marketing has gotten incredibly complex as new channels emerge, messaging paradigms change, and individuals move from role to role.  In keeping with this complexity, vendors who provide marketing services struggle to keep up with the trends of the day and are in need of direction. In order to understand how professionals involved […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] State of the College Student

State of the College Student Infographic

Infographics change the way analytics are communicated, and qSample is onboard.  The trendy offspring of the old school PowerpPoint image – infographics are the new way to share data and transform it into information by using clever and engaging visuals.   An Infographic has an eye-catching and relevant visual coupled with the numbers being conveyed in […]

Question Wording Matters


I was reminded of the critical importance of question wording during a recent trip to Starbucks. When I finished my coffee and went to dispose of my cup, I noticed a very interesting attempt by Starbucks to increase recycling. Normally the bins for waste are labeled “recycle” and “trash.” But this time the labeling was […]

Join IdeaScale at Crowdopolis


Crowdsourcing has been an official dictionary word since 2011 and an effective network intelligence concept for far longer than that. But the proliferation of new and different tools, capabilities, and opportunities keeps offering as many questions as answers. The Daily Crowdsource has created its own resource in response to this reality: Crowdopolis. IdeaScale will be […]

Passive Mobile Data Collection with LifeMetrix


Following is the transcript of a webinar announcing the launch of a passive data collection product, LifeMetrix from Survey Analytics. The slides from the webinar are presented at the end of the post. Dana Stanley: Today we’re going to be talking to you about a new product called LifeMetrix, which helps you measure consumers’ mobile […]

Which Market Research Buzzword Annoys You the Most?


Here at Research Access, we love market research and we love buzzwords. But sometimes even we can’t take it anymore. We hereby submit the following list of market research buzzwords for your consideration. Which one annoys you most? We’re forcing you to choose by making the MicroPoll below a single-select question. Which buzzword will sink […]