An Interview with Shannon Ryan, General Manager, Online Marketing Summit

Next week I’ll be covering the Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara for Research Access. Here is an interview I conducted with Shannon Ryan, General Manager of the OMS. Shannon has had an impressive career in marketing prior to leading OMS. She has held senior leadership roles in marketing on both the agency and brand side, including management of her own agency, ArchetypeDNA, and her experience is diverse across BtoB and BtoC marketing.

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Dana Stanley: You have broad experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and you have worked on both the agency and the brand side. How has that experience shaped your leadership of the Online Marketing Summit?

Shannon Ryan: I feel fortunate to have such diversified experience. I am a life-long marketer but have been involved in digital for most of my career and I have also spent a considerable amount of time in experiential so the opportunity to lead Online Marketing Summit was a perfect fit with my experience and passions.

My agency experience has created a wealth of learning opportunities working with some of the most prestigious and recognized brands in the world. This variety of work on a global scale has opened my eyes for what is possible when approaching new initiatives and I try to introduce best practices I have learned along the way when I think they can benefit the project at hand.

We have already implemented a few new concepts for Online Marketing Summit (OMS for short) with our weekly videoTwo-Minute Take, and the OMS Blog. Things change quickly in digital marketing thus, these new online features deliver the latest insights to the OMS community.

Shannon Ryan

Digital marketing seems to be changing faster than ever, so it’s a challenge for many marketers to keep up to date. What topic areas do you think marketers are most anxious to learn about?

There are a few key areas that are top of mind for marketers, which OMS also considers as core topics, they include: analytics & big data, strategy, content marketing, and mobile marketing. At OMS, we’ve dedicated the program to meet the demands of the community and have tracks dedicated to all these topics, and then some. The content will be rich, and delve into real-world examples and experiences. We’ll peer in to the latest advancements and look at what’s working, what’s not and what the future of our profession holds. Our attendees are sure to leave better equipped with real-world examples and implement them immediately when they are back in the office.

What’s new at the Online Marketing Summit this year?

Well, for one – this is a brand new event in Silicon Valley. This event has historically only been held in San Diego each spring, and from the great success of that and the quickly changing landscape in digital marketing, we saw a need and demand to offer a second event in the year and bring it to Silicon Valley, where technology is at the forefront.

OMS Silicon Valley will leverage OMS’ historical in-depth learning approach, while also providing perspective and insights on how digital marketing is influencing and impacting business at-large. This approach is not limited to our workshops, sessions and keynotes, we are also introducing new onsite activities to help our audiences connect and collaborate around the core business challenges that digital marketers are facing. Two of these exciting opportunities include “Ideas in Motion” our trivia challenge trading card game, and “OMS Sandbox” an interactive zone for attendees to share, and even show off, their best ideas.

What’s distinctive about OMS compared to other digital marketing conferences?

OMS not only covers all key aspects of digital marketing, it provides a strategic lens on how digital marketing fits into the bigger picture of marketing and business at-large. From workshops to sessions, our content is designed to empower our audiences with the knowledge and best practices that they can immediately apply in their jobs No other event covers this scope of practical hands-on tactics and strategies.

Who are some of the keynote speakers OMS attendees will hear from?

We are fortunate to have two really fantastic keynotes lined up. On Tuesday afternoon, Carolyn Layne of IBM will be speaking about the CMO CIO intersection. Collaboration between marketing and technology has never been so important so this is a very timely issue and we are excited to hear her insights.

Our second keynote is focused on mobile behavioral intelligence. Nathan Eagle is our speaker; he is globally recognized as an innovator in mobility. With mobile marketing being an essential activity for many marketers, we feel it is important to help our audience better understand how people interact with mobile devices. They can then utilize this knowledge as they develop future mobile strategies and experiences.

I see you have a whole track on “Big Data and Analytics,” and another track on “Strategy.” Many Research Access readers come from the market research part of the marketing world and thus have a keen interest in those topics. What will marketers learn about those topics at OMS?

Big data and analytics and strategy are top of mind for marketers. Both of these topics have their own tracks and will be covered extensively during OMS. Our goal is to help our audience understand how they can effectively leverage the insights from big data and analytics in real-time to shape and refine their marketing activities.

Attendees will be particularly interested in these sessions in Analytics & Big Data:

Data Overload: How Do You Determine What Really Matters and What Doesn’t?

Gaining Insight into Marketing’s Contribution: The Value of a Marketing Dashboard

Strategy is equally important and while it is its own track, you will see strategy woven throughout the event. Here are a few sessions featuring marketing strategy:

How Marketing Focused Technology Can Tame Big Data

Walking the Talk: Aligning your Internal and External Digital Strategy Around Your Brand

What can marketers expect to take away from OMS?

The holistic perspective of how digital marketing is influencing and being influenced by other areas of business is a primary focus for many marketers and OMS is the place to get this context. OMS’ in-depth education and collaboration around key business challenges will enable OMS attendees to immediately create greater impact within their organization and with their audiences.

If you’d like to attend the OMS click this link and register using the promo code DIRA25 for a 25% discount!

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