Eye-Opening Survey Shows Big Data is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Are you missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

Whether you’re an internal corporate marketer or a consultant, there’s a huge wave coming that’s going to make and break fortunes.

Over at Harvard Business Review, Paul Barth and Randy Bean of NewVantage Partners published a summary of a recent survey about big data among Fortune 1,000 and government executives.

Here are two figures from the study that jumped out at me.

“Eighty-five percent expected to gain substantial business and IT benefits from Big Data initiatives.”

“Only 17% of respondents ranked their ability to use data and analytics to transform their business as more than more than adequate or world-class.”

Talk about an unmet need!

In other words, executives largely already see the benefit to big data initiatives but do not feel they are poised to take full advantage of them.

If you really love data, boy have I got a career for you!

Large enterprises need people with the combination of vision, leadership and analytical smarts to wrangle their data and make sense of it.

Those who do so will be richly rewarded.

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Dana is the Editor-in-Chief of Research Access.


  1. So… Given the combination you suggest, what “qualifications” are being sought in this field?

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