It’s the Beer, Stupid

Beer 150

With just 39 days to go until the U.S. Presidential election, I think it’s important that we get down to the real issues. Like beer, for instance. The political insider publication Hotline published an analysis of Scarborough Research data showing the beer preferences of Democratic and Republican partisans – and the beers consumed by those […]

10 Minute Tutorial on iPad and Tablet Data Visualization


If surveys are going mobile, why shouldn’t data visualization? Last week Vivek Bhaskaran, founder of Survey Analytics, QuestionPro and IdeaScale officially launched his latest creation, SecondPrism. SecondPrism is an app for visualizing data on tablets (and smartphones) a way that takes advantage of the strengths of the tablet format – it allows you to tap, […]

Small Data

Small Data

When it comes to big data, think small – then act. There’s so much hype about big data. Everyone seems to have a take on its scope, its implications and how to take advantage of it. Fittingly, the volume of articles being published about big data daily is itself creating a big dataset (for Google […]

Seeking the “Why?” of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

If you want to stay in business, you have to turn your customers into fans. A good product, hard work, and earnest customer service all make for a good start, but it’s just a start. To build customer loyalty, you must be able to accurately measure each customer’s experience, then build on what you’ve done […]

A History of Anonymous Market Research Twitter Addresses


Once upon a time, there was only one anonymous market research Twitter address. Way back in January of 2009, someone, who to my knowledge remains anonymous, created a Twitter address called @MRHeretic and posted this tweet: Not everyone believes in the value of the net. — mr heretic (@mrheretic) January 24, 2009 MRHeretic also […]

Data Visualization Lesson 4: The Best Pies Are Desserts

Coconut Cream Pie

Staring bleary-eyed at a spreadsheet of data and a report that still needs visual content, have you ever felt a bit underwhelmed at the prospect of using a simple graphic? Sure, a bar graph or histogram or line chart would show the data… but sometimes they seem, um… well… a little boring? It’s easy to […]

Eye-Opening Survey Shows Big Data is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Server room interior

Are you missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime? Whether you’re an internal corporate marketer or a consultant, there’s a huge wave coming that’s going to make and break fortunes. Over at Harvard Business Review, Paul Barth and Randy Bean of NewVantage Partners published a summary of a recent survey about big data among […]

An Interview with Michael Hack of QuePort

Michael Hack, CEO, QuePort social business software

Here is an interview I conducted recently with Michael Hack, CEO of QuePort (pronounced “Q Port”) a very interesting social software company based in Germany.  QuePort allows information to find you, as they say.  It expands your network beyond people you already know and finds people you might want to know. Dana Stanley: OK. We’re here today […]

Play with Data

Hand Using Digital Tablet

You use your fingers to play around with just about everything on your smartphone and tablet.  A touch-screen mobile device makes it easy to fiddle with anything – from games to social media to music and more. That way you can get it just the way you like it. Why shouldn’t you demand as much […]

10 Proposed Market Research Hashtags


As those who follow the market research conversation on Twitter know, there are quite a few hashtags used by the industry Twitterati. Some of the more common include: #MRX: Market Research #NGMR: Next Generation Market Research #NewMR: New Market Research #ESOMAR (or any industry association): Association-specific hashtag Sometimes I think it all gets to be […]