An Interview with QuestionPro’s Erik Koto on the Acquisition of PollBob

Editor’s Note:  There was big news today as online survey software company QuestionPro announced its intent to acquire polling site PollBob. Research Access is pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with QuestionPro President Erik Koto about the PollBob acquisition.

Dana Stanley: Hello, Erik; thanks for taking some time to talk.

Erik Koto: Thanks for having me, Dana.

So, you had some big news today – QuestionPro announced its intent to acquire PollBob. What’s the reasoning behind acquiring PollBob?

Yeah, we’re super excited about this.  It gives us a presence in polling which we don’t currently have.  It’s a great technology platform that we can leverage with our existing site,, which has a far larger scope and a far larger reach. So it allows us to transition this technology into our user base.

What we really liked about PollBob is that they were actually able to come in and think differently about the space and produce a technology that did something different. They’ve integrated a far greater social aspect into polling.

If you look at the PollBob platform, it’s all built around sharing and publication of activity on the site. So there’s typical kind of social media services there. There’s a newsfeed, you can friend other pollsters on the site.

You can follow other people in their activity. There’s a badging system and a rewards system to encourage participation and classify different types of participants. And that’s all kind of layered on top of a really slick, easy to use, totally intuitive UI.

They’ve also done a great job of integrating mobile. So there’s an iOS platform that comes with this. And we’ll definitely be leveraging the iOS, the iPhone app platform, for polling.

Will the PollBob brand be going away?

We’ll continue to keep PollBob up as its own site and under its own brand. So we’re not shuttering the brand. We’re going to do more to stimulate that brand through our network of traffic.

And Ben Jacobson is coming on board with QuestionPro?

Yeah, so we’ve gotten to know [PollBob founders] Ben Jacobson and Zach Kupperman pretty well over the last couple months. And they’re obviously great tech leaders and thinkers in this space. They’ve been able to innovate in a space that is otherwise pretty milquetoast in terms of what the product offerings have been like. Obviously, they’d built a solid technology platform.

Ben is going to be huge asset to QuestionPro as we really roll this out in a much bigger way and take a bigger stake in the polling game.

What else has been going on with QuestionPro?

We’ve continued to move forward with our mission to provide easy-to-use market research tools – particularly online surveys that suit the needs of everyone from the DIY market researcher up to enterprise-level market research tools. We’re up to 2.5 million clients across 40 countries now.

In addition to providing tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, we also have innovated in providing a platform for tablet-based mobile research and data visualization. Now we’re adding polling to the mix.

Erik Koto, thanks for your time today, and good luck with the PollBob acquisition.

Thanks, Dana.

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