10 Checklist Items for Market Research in the Mobile World Cincinnati

The much-anticipated MRMW Cincinnati conference kicks off Tuesday with the welcome event sponsored by Survey Analytics. Building on the success of the spring conference in Amsterdam, this round promises to be the market research event of the year.

Let me share with you my checklist of things I’ll be looking for next week.

1. End-client perspectives

There’s nothing worse than a conference full of of suppliers talking to each other. Word on the street is that MRMW will have plenty of end-users, including a large contingent from Procter & Gamble. Their presence makes both the official program and the hallway conversations more meaningful and useful.

2. Data visualization

Data visualization is an area where the market research industry is normally sorely lacking.  However, enough people are getting the message that I think there will be some interesting discussions and some new offerings from suppliers showcased in Cincinnati.

3. Geolocation 2.0

News flash: geolocation in mobile market research is no longer innovative. I’m looking forward to seeing who can take geolocation to the next level and how they propose to do it.

4. Virtual participation

Not everyone has the luxury of going to conferences in-person, and this event is limited to just 300 participants. However, I expect active input and participation from our friends around the globe via Twitter.

5. Newcomers

One of the best things about going to an innovation-focused conference is you get a fair number of first-time exhibitors and attendees who are not from the Market Research Industry. Sure, you can encounter them online, but there’s nothing like talking to someone with a fresh perspective.

6. Passive data collection

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, so-called “passive data collection” is a nascent arena which I predict will be growing dramatically. The big tech players are the innovators here, but this will be a growth area in market research.

7. My social media friends

In Amsterdam I had the chance to meet some people I had previously known only via social media, including Edward Appleton (@Edward04) and Elias Veris (@EliasVeris). I’m looking forward to more such meetings, including people like Jason Anderson (@DirkGently) and Annie Pettit (@LoveStats).

8. My friends

That said, I always love the opportunity to see old friends like Lenny Murphy, Beth Rounds and Kristin Luck (no, I didn’t call you old, I meant friends I’ve had a long time!).

9. Product coming out parties

I expect companies will take this opportunity to publicize new and innovative products in the mobile space. I look forward to seeing everything that’s out there.

10. Not being lectured about the growth of mobile

In Amsterdam it got to be a running joke among the delegates by the middle of Day 1 that most of the presentations started with 5 minutes of lecture about the evidence of the growth of mobile. I think people learned their lesson, and this time people will dive right in.

What are you looking forward to most at MRMW Cincinnati? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

About Dana Stanley

Dana is the Editor-in-Chief of Research Access.


  1. Annie Pettit says:

    HA! I wasn’t called old. Sorry Kristin. And in terms of visualizations – please people, please limit your visualizations to those which ADD to the story, not those which convolute the story or simply make people go “ooooohhh, look at the pretty colours!” :)

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