What’s Your Favorite Olympic Sport?


I have to admit it. Here at Research Access we’re getting caught up in Olympic Fever. I hope some of my research friends in the UK and across Europe are able to go see some of the Games in person. I love the pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies, and I love learning about people from […]

Can Costco Avoid Cloud Cover?

Costco Amazon 150

I’ve always been one of Costco’s biggest fans. It’s my favorite store. I love their low prices, their no-questions-asked return policy, and the high quality of their merchandise. I sometimes drop into Costco with nothing in mind. It’s a great store for treasure hunting, and Costco consistently surprises me by featuring new and interesting merchandise […]

Hey, Facebook – We’re Waiting!


Hey, Facebook – we’re waiting to see what you do in the market research space. With the recent dazzling launch of Google Consumer Surveys, it’s not much of a leap of imagination to predict that Facebook will enter the fray at some point.  With all the water that’s already flown under the bridge, a “Facebook […]

DIY Doomsayers are Missing the Point

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The doomsayers about DIY (do-it-yourself) research are missing the point. Typically resistance to DIY research comes from traditionalists who feel that internal corporate marketers and researchers are not able to administer and analyze research projects on their own without the steady guiding hand of a market research consultant. By the way, last year I wrote […]

Market Research Skills of the Future

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What are the market research skills of the future? Jason Anderson of Blizzard Entertainment (a.k.a. @dirkgently on Twitter) had an interesting, and, I think, telling piece of advice during his talk at last week’s Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Cincinnati. By way of background, Jason’s talk was entitled “A Technologist’s Research Manifesto.” […]

Can We Ascribe Motivation?

Human brain and colorful question mark

In research we combine the science of data with the art of storytelling to guide our clients. I’m wondering about something, though. Good storytellers help the audience understand the inner mental states of the characters in the story.  It is well known that humans crave tidy explanations of complicated phenomena; if a parsimonious story does […]

Webinar: Introducing LifeMetrix – Passive Mobile Data for Consumer Insight


Note: This post originally appeared on the Survey Analytics blog. Survey Analytics is proud to announce the launch of LifeMetrix, a new product for passive mobile data collection. LifeMetrix gives you unprecedented vision into consumers’ daily lives by collecting moment-to-moment data from their mobile devices. Consumers have a difficult time self-reporting behavior. LifeMetrix is an opt-in solution to collect […]

Using iPads to Survey Amusement Park Visitors

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Like many companies, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company had traditionally done surveys the old-fashioned way – with paper, pencil and clipboards.  Mike Iott, Cedar Fair’s Market Research Manager, had to hand-create 12 reports monthly, one for each of Cedar Fair’s regional amusement parks. This year Mike successfully transitioned Cedar Fair’s in-park survey program from paper to […]

Which of These Research Techniques Have You Tried?

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At Research Access we talk a lot about innovative and new market research techniques. It’s fun to discuss the new and exciting stuff, but I was wondering how many of you have actually tried some of these data collection or analysis techniques in your day-to-day life as a researcher. So for a fun Friday question […]

10 Checklist Items for Market Research in the Mobile World Cincinnati

Red check mark

The much-anticipated MRMW Cincinnati conference kicks off Tuesday with the welcome event sponsored by Survey Analytics. Building on the success of the spring conference in Amsterdam, this round promises to be the market research event of the year. Let me share with you my checklist of things I’ll be looking for next week. 1. End-client […]