Mobile Internet Users Growing


Pretty much everyone has a cell phone, right? Do you know how many access the internet on their cell? How about the number who access the internet frequently? Thanks to our friends at the Pew Internet & American Life Project, we have these answers. According to their Cell Internet Use 2012 report, here are the […]

Hell, No! Correlation Doesn’t Mean Causation.


A recent study showed some interesting findings with respect to belief in hell and crime rates. According to the study’s author, “the key finding is that, controlling for each other, a nation’s rate of belief in hell predicts lower crime rates, but the nation’s rate of belief in heaven predicts higher crime rates, and these […]

Why Be Normal(ly Distributed)?

histogram with Gaussian distribution on blackboard

The bell curve, the normal curve, the Gaussian distribution – by whatever name it goes, it enjoys a special place in our culture – and in our education system. It is typically assumed that data fall out according to a normal distribution. We are normally very focused on this most standard of distributions. The reality […]

Think Twice About Trusting Facebook Profile Data for Research

Pinocchio Facebook 150

Thinking about doing a survey among Facebook users? Great idea! There’s lots of this type of research going on these days. You can connect your survey to Facebook. Or your company may have a Facebook app, perhaps giving you the opportunity to combine profile data with a custom survey. The specific method of using Facebook profile data […]

Introducing the Behavioral Economics Bookstore

Facebook Time Line Banner

It will come as no surprise to regular Research Access readers that we are fans of the field of behavioral economics.  The inclusion of the word “economics” in the term can be a bit misleading. Essentially, for our purposes, we can think of BE as a school of thought that seeks to understand social psychological […]

Perfection Versus Correction

Hotel Bell 150

A Tale of Two Hotels What is the most important component for building customer loyalty? I don’t purport to hold the answer, and I can recite at least a score of pleasant-sounding theories that are popular in marketing circles. But on a recent vacation in Japan, I was confronted with a powerful example of something […]

U.S. Census Director Robert Groves: Exclusive Research Access Interview

Dr. Robert Groves

I am very pleased and proud to present the Research Access interview of Dr. Robert Groves, Director of the U.S. Census. I conducted the interview on-site at the Census Bureau headquarters on May 23rd. I would like to thank Dr. Groves as well as staff members at the Bureau who made this interview possible.  Here’s […]

Metavana Powers Spark Score


If you are a regular Research Access reader, you may already be familiar with Satmetrix’ introduction of the new SparkScore, billed as the “social Net Promoter” score. It is the social media analogue to the Net Promoter customer satisfaction measure. According to this recent press release by Satmetrix, the SparkScore and its associated website are […]

Youth Versus Experience, Which Would You Prefer?

Old Young

I am asking this question in terms of a client looking at a supplier, not simply asking if you would rather be young than older. 😉 The Research Mafia event in Leeds on 14 June saw a spirited debate between youth (represented by Rosy Goodrick from Opinion Leader and Betty Adamou, founder of Research through […]

The Honest Truth About Respondent Dishonesty

The Honest Truth about Dishonesty

Anyone involved in survey research today should keep abreast of the lessons of behavioral economics. However, it can be challenging at best to keep up on the latest academic research. Luckily for us, Dan Ariely, one of the luminaries of behavioral economics, has written several books that are accessible and highly entertaining guides to the […]