Submit Your Questions for Census Director Robert Groves (And Win an Amazon Gift Card!)

Dr. Robert GrovesI have some exciting news.

Our humble blog has been granted an exclusive interview with the U.S. Census Director, Dr. Robert Groves. The videotaped interview will take place this Wednesday, May 23rd, at the headquarters of the Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland.

Conducting this interview is a great way for us to continue the mission stated in our tagline, to provide “Resources for the Research Community.”

But I need your help.

I have lots of questions for Dr. Groves, but I would like your input. I’m not just representing myself; I’m representing the entire Research Access community.  I want to be sure all your most pressing questions are answered.

So I’m offering a thank you to the person who submits the best question for me to ask Dr. Groves on Wednesday: a digital gift card worth $50 USD (or equivalent).

Here are the rules:

The winner will, of course, be able to see his or her questions asked in the interview.

Want to bone up on Census-related issues? Here are some places to start:

Dr. Groves’ Blog
“All Thing Census” from the Pew Research Center

Good luck!

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